Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, Ground Zero, Financial District, Times Square and Broadway – Challenge Nr. 6


Hi there my fellow Wanderlusters!

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Lady Liberty – The Statue of Liberty – Last challenge in NYC

How to get there? There are many options to see the Statue of Liberty, you can see it from Brooklyn Bridge, go to Ellis Island directly and much more.

I discovered a free ferry leaving near Battery Park Downtown Manhattan, it usually operates every 30 minutes and you just go there and off you go to Staten Island. You will pass Ellis Island with Lady Liberty watching out. I thought that it would be packed, but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed the ride and passing by Lady Liberty.




Another “Lady Liberty” 😉

But first let me take a selfie 🙂IMG_20140705_194039010Everything so small from the distance

A little boy asked his mother on the ferry: “Mommie, are those pirates?” I had the same thought as the little boy and then this idea for a movie popped in my head “Pirates of the Hudson River” 🙂


Staten Island

Since I was already here I figured going on a walk would be good. Well the walk turned into a quite long one actually 😉 I visited the gardens there, it was a nice and a welcome distraction from the hectic NYC. I got a lot calmer and could enjoy the nature and everything surrounding me. Have a look:

I’ll be back

My camera did not  do as I wished. I had like twenty people saying “I’ll be back”, but somehow I managed to only  film parts of it  🙁 Here is what remains – which is really cool though!

Ground Zero

I had to visit the place where 9/11 took place. When I arrived I was calm and still and just looked around and inhaled the air. It’s hard to describe the feeling but you’ll know what I mean once you get here.

P1040491 P1040486

Financial District

The New York Stock exchange is also located Downtown Manhattan.

P1040498 P1040495 P1040493

Times Square

Oh dear crowded Times Square. So many lights, thousands of people,  a rush of feelings and memories.



To complete this very busy day I managed to get a ticket for the Broadwayshow Chicago at the Ambassador’s Theatre. If you are not picky what show to see, go to Times Square where the Stairs are. Right under them is a booth where they sell discounted (and regular) tickets. I got mine 50% off, they still were around 65 US$ but the show was worth it.

Chronic Wanderlust

So this was New York for me! 🙁 I’m about to leave for  JFK airport and go through security! I will post some more stuff once I get back home sooooo stay tuned! 🙂 And also on July 16th I’ll be going on a two month trip to Canada, Mexico and Florida 🙂 More news soon!

Keep on traveling!


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