Street Art in Lithuania

Lithuania Street Art

Street Art in Lithuania

Welcome to Lithuania, a country that many of you might never have heard of. I knew roughly where it was located, what their capital is and that they had just introduced the Euro as a currency, but to be brutally honest I had no idea what would expect me in this Baltic country.

Friends had asked me why I was travelling there, a question that has occupied my mind for a bit. I wanted to visit a country that not many know and that I could write some new stories about. So I told them “to explore, to see, to get lost and to find an answer to give to you when I get back”.

There are many fascinating aspects about Lithuania, and certainly one of them is the beautiful and growing street art scene. All throughout the country inspiring and very creative master pieces can be found – of course in the cities like Vilnius and Kaunas you'll spot even more.

Dive into this scene and discover even more, when you finally visit Lithuania on your own!

Kaunas, Street Art Lithuania
Vilnius, Street Art Lithuania

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