That moment … at the airport of Mexico City

That moment … at the airport of Mexico City

It was over.

After spending three marvellous months in Mexico it was time for me to leave again. I already had flown into Mexico City from Monterrey in the North and now I was here at the international airport of Mx City. I could cry – I love it here so much: wonderful colleagues, great trips, awesome parties, pretty cool adventures and so much more! I worked for almost two and a half month in Saltillo (state of Coahuila) and then I travelled for about two weeks to the peninsula of Yucatan and to the amazing capital Mx City. I really didn’t want this summer and especially this experience to be over.
Before going through security I scanned the check-in area for familiar faces, but there were – of course – none, instead I noticed this young Mexican holding a big sombrero in his hand. A smile flushed my face, I was not the only one: some business travellers smiled at him and were like “oh yet another tourist”. I didn’t give it much of a thought then and carried on.

I went to look for my gate and got kind of lost, because the last time I flew the same company to Germany and the gate was located elsewhere (habits 🙂 !). At the right gate then the Mexican with the sombrero appeared again! Surprisingly he was going to be on the very same flight. I had to smile again and he then came to me and asked me why I smiled like that at him. I told him how I –only a few weeks back – went home to Austria shortly and also took a big sombrero with me and people where looking at me the very same way they did at him today.

That moment when you step outside your door and realize it’s gonna be epic!  

Since I still had some pesos in my wallet I invited him for a couple of beers to make the long-distance over-night flight more bearable. We talked for long, at least it seemed like it. He was going to Germany for an internship for a couple of month and had never been to Europe before, so he was pretty excited.

Those friendly and open-hearted people are only one of the many reasons why I love Mexico so much! It was the perfect farewell to this so beloved country!

The staff called for boarding, suddenly I realized how crowded the gate had gotten. We checked our seat number and discovered that we would sit only a few rows apart.

I took a deep breath to fill my lungs for the last time with the warm, delicious Mexican air and stepped inside the plane.

Somewhere over Canada I got up from my seat and walked a bit through the rows, when he grabbed my hand and we danced salsa for a few imaginary beats! Now that was great – we immediately had the attention of everyone awake on the plane!

He had a great time in Germany and met the woman of his life – they got married in 2013 and now he is moving to Germany permanently! We are still in contact and I hope to visit him some time soon!

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