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travel apps

Let’s talk travel apps and websites!

When I look at my phone I cannot help the urge to travel. Most of my smart phone apps are travel apps to prepare trips and store information about them. So here’re the ones that I use often:


This one is really great, you can instantly send your own photos as postcards around the world. One postcard is 1,49€ or 1,49 USD (how their exchange rate works is still a miracle to me 🙂 ) The postcards look pretty great and you can also add the location from where you send it from!


I especially love this one (also their homepage)! It’s a search engine for flights, hotels and
vacations. I only use it for looking up the cheapest flights. What’s the special thing about them is that you can look for nearby airports and search flights from more airports than just one. Plus you can add that you want to stay there for 6-8 nights at look it up for the month of June and tadaaa you’ll get the perfect overview for your tickets and when it’s cheapest to go!

Leo  or

Sometimes you simply happen to be stuck with one single world that you can’t remember, this is why I carry around the Leo and apps.

Google Maps

Did you know that you can download maps to your mobile phone and navigate offline? That’s the case for google maps. The other option is Navfree: when you want to navigate through an entire country or continent. Simply download the app and all maps that you need before you go on an adventure! I’ve tried it many times and never got disappointed.

Dropbox and Google drive

I have most important travel documents (where to stay, itinerary, emergency contacts) uploaded to the cloud and it is very handy. Both apps are very useful, I couldn’t decide on any especially.

App of my bank

While being abroad I often lose track of what I spend, so I use the app of my bank to check my balance and if this one extra trip is doable or not. Some bank apps don’t work abroad, so don’t get upset if yours doesn’t work. (Some banks even don’t offer this service at all.)


This site is truly amazing. People who have a spare couch or bed to spare offer them on this platform and you can send them requests to surf them. You do not have to have a free couch to be able to surf others. Simply search for available couches in your destination city or region and meet very nice and helpful people, not only for staying at their place but also to hang out and have a cup of coffee.


Well, who doesn’t know this app – register once with your mobile phone number and stay connected with your friends and family around the world.

BBC News

Just to get a few international headlines and know what’s going on in the world. You can also change the categories so you can get what you are really interested in.

Skype and Viber

You probably know Skype and that you can video chat throughout the world for free with other contacts, but you can also ‘upgrade’ for a prepaid account so you can call all mobile phones and landlines for less than you would by paying roaming fees.

Viber works kind of like Whatsapp, but has the additional option to call contacts over WiFi or your data plan. (for free too)


I finally own a kindle, and I love it! Before using the kindle device, I had and still have the kindle app on my mobile phone and on my tablet. I read one 700 pages book within a week, because I always carried my cell around and when I had to wait for something I pulled it out and read. Also if you don’t want to carry another device, the app does it all. 🙂 (Even though I prefer the kindle device much more than the extra apps.)

National Radio/ International Radio

I really enjoy the Austrian national radio (here Ö3) and so when I’m off traveling and I have WiFi I connect and just listen to some music that I know and makes me feel home.

So plus for all others out there: I found an app that has a bunch of international radio.


So this is kind of a mixture of a hotel search engines and couchsurfing, but paid. Except it is no hotels, but private rooms, apartments and whole houses. You can get rooms for 5€ per night up to paying an endless amount for a house. You can also register and offer your own apartment and get some rewards when the first people stay with you.


Sometimes it happens, and you get lost, confused and are tired because you walked the entire day so that you are not able to read your map correctly. Or you just want to walk in some direction but lose your orientation easily. This is why I use a compass, it really helps!

White Noise Apps

Noisy neighbours on the plane or train? Or do you just want to switch off? This great tool that eliminates disturbing noises! It may be kind of weird for the first few moments but I swear it works! Just plug in your earplugs and here we go!

Sleeping in Airports

Well the name says it all! There are great reviews about a lot airports around the globe! Quite amusing quotes to be found there.

For traveling in Spain I can also recommend:

Alsa (bus operator)    Renfe (train operator)

And for traveling in Austria those two:

Öffis‘ App works throughout Europe for train detailed train connections.

Westbahn is a competitor of the Austrian Federal Railway, and really well-organized and also offers bus connections in Austria and nearby countries. Westbahn and Westbus is the cheapest way to travel through Austria by public transport.

Keep on travelling!


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