A peek into my travel first-aid kit

Travel first aid-kit

What’s in my travel first aid-kit?

At the beginning of my travels there was always a shoebox full of medicines in my luggage – now I only carry a small bag, with select and proven helpers. Again and again, I swap out products or leave them at home because I really never had to use them in the past few years. Luckily. What’s now in my small travel first aid-kit and what do I only bring on certain trips? I’ll tell you today:

All-time favourite: Tiger Balm

This little miracle jar is just that: a miracle thing. Because whether I have a headache, a slight sprain or a stuffy nose, Tiger Balm has helped me on so many occasions all around the world. If you are going to be in Asia soon, I urge you to buy a jar there. In India,  in a small shop, I paid about 0.20 € (in Austria, prices start from 15 €).

What is Tiger Balm suitable for? Headaches, joint pains, sprains, runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, and much more.

Verdauungs Komplex | Digestive Helper

If you enjoy trying local food as much as I do, you should definitely consider packing a little helper for your digestive system. It helps keep your digestive system balanced and you’ll feel so much better.

What are digestion pills suitable for? Bloating, constipation

Charcoal tablets

If the local delicacies rather unleash the opposite of constipation, then I no longer resort to antibiotics but rely on activated charcoal tablets from the pharmacy. You can get these without prescription. The activated charcoal absorbs the toxins and I usually feel a lot better shortly after taking them.

What are activated charcoal tablets suitable for? Diarrhea, mild poisoning from food and medication, flatulence


Aktivator Komplex | to keep you focussed

The journey was long, or an 18-hour bus ride from A to B robbed you of your energy? Coffee does not really seem to work or you do not like the black brew at all (like me)?

What is Aktivator Complex for? Fatigue, lack of concentration (not only when travelling, but also great for students)

Azulenal Ointment

When travelling, we often try things we would never do at home. The result? Lots of new experiences, fun and fond memories. But one or the other small injury is bound to happen.

What is Azulenal Ointment for? Azulenal heals minor abrasions well, and always puts a smile on my face. How so? The cream has a bluish hue – and blue is my favourite colour (except when it comes to bruises).


Other little things in my first-aid kit

  • Tape – should the shoe rub
  • Cream for fungal nail and skin infection
  • Vertigo Komplex for motion sickness – also suitable for divers who struggle with being on a boat
  • Painkillers if toothache strikes
  • Antihistamines to keep allergies in check

Now, it’s your turn – what’s in your travel first-aid kit?

Keep on travelling

You can order Verdauungs Komplex, Aktivator Komplex, Vertigo Komplex and Azulenal cream in your pharmacy, online on AGEPHA pharma or Amazon. Btw, the pills are all vegan.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AGEPHA pharma for the great collaboration. And also for their patience, because the first email fluttered in when I was still in Colombia and the tablets probably did not make it there by post (or arrived after my departure). Thank you!

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Travel first aid-kit Travel first aid-kit

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