… my Unbirthday in Mexico

Hello my dear fellow travellers!!

Happy Unbirthday everyone!!!

How are you? Where are you right now?

Let me tell you the story of how a usual eating out ended in celebrating my Unbirthday!

We are in Saltillo, Mexico a few years back. I was just back to Mexico for an internship and I met again with a lovely Mexican family who kind of adopted my for my time there!
Sometimes we went out together to eat at our favourite restaurant: Las alitas (the little wings).

It was my last week here in Mexico, soon I would be headed back home to Austria and University would start only a day after. Puh this summer surely was amazing but went by too fast – as always right?

So we sat there and had ordered some delicious food and we started talking about birthdays and I mentioned that my birthday was only two weeks ahead, but I would be back home.

There was some mumbling and they called the waited and whispered something to him.

Then this happened:

They actually told the waiter that it was my birthday! 😀 In this restaurant they make a show out of it and someone dresses up like a chicken and dance around – they did not expect me to join him! It was my best celebrated Unbirthday yet! We had a lot of fun and I will always keep this in my heart!

Keep on travelling!


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