Upside Down – The Upside Down House aka Haus Kopf Über on Rügen

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Combat gravity and have an upside down experience on Germany’s biggest island Rügen.

In the small town of Putbus there is something quite special to be found:

The Kopf Über Haus

which means Upside-Down House in English. And yes it is completely upside down. The roof first, then first floor and ground floor and lastly the cellar which in this case it at the very top of the house.

haus kopf über rügen upside down house rügen

Not only is the house upside down, but also inclined a bit so your senses are not to be trusted for the first minutes.

Explore rooms like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and more.


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Upside down house rugen (9)

Upside down house rugen (6)

Upside down house rugen (5)

The best part is the pictures you take there – so make sure to plan your visit with some friends because selfies will not have the same effect as pictures taken by someone else.

How to find it

Opening Hours

daily from November to March: 12.00 pm to 4 pm

daily from April to October: 10 am to 7 pm

Entrance fee

5.90€ for adults

2.90€ for children

Have fun in this magical world!Entrance fee is quite high for a pretty short amount of time that you spend there, but the photos are well worth it! Get more infos here.

Keep on travelling!




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