Visiting Montréal and favourite spots Mont Royal and the Old Port

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Montreal: Mont Royal and the Old Port

Montreal is not the capital of Canada as I have heard many, many times. But it is bigger than the actual capital Ottawa. The city inhabits 1.6 million people and is therfore the second largest city in Canada. For my own taste the city is too big, I prefer smaller cities and towns. But let me show you around and introduce you to my favourite spots in Montréal!


Let’s stroll through the streets

One tip from the bottom of my heart: Go and get lost!

You may want to orient yourself a little bit by one of the main shopping streets is Rue Sainte-Caterine where you’ll find a lot of food and shopping opportunities.

The Old Port


One of my favourite spots in Montréal! The Old Port has this unique charme! A slight breeze embrazes me and makes me want to stay for long. I sit down and get calm and look. Look around and enjoy every moment. I take some deep breaths. I watch some birds fly by. I watch people walking by. Kids are having a great time near the small pond. Ducks with their ducklings cruise on it. The smell of recent cut grass fills the air and I decide to take a short nap. I’ve driven for too long in the last two weeks. Time to stop and let myself catch up. I’m not the only one enjoying a fine siesta. Many people just lie there as I do on the lawn around the pond.

The Old Port Montreal

The Old Port Montreal










Mont Royal

Mont Royal Montreal Chronic WanderlustMont Royal Montreal Chronic Wanderlust I truly recommend setting your alarm early in the morning and getting your lazy bones up to discover Mont Royal. I went for an amazing run in the morning and if I’d stayed a little bit longer I would have done it every single day again. You will be rewarded with an incredible view over Montréal! It’s not too far, but it’ll take some time get around. I took Peel Street to get me to the base of Mont Royal, from there one of the many paths lead to the top. I really enjoy hiking back home in Austria and as I ran out of time doing it here I had to use what I got. The trails are very well in shape and you’ll find many maps so you cannot really get lost.

Take some food, drinks and a blanket to have a nice and beautiful picnic on top. Get some more food and invite people to join you. I bet you will have a great time!

Mont Royal Montreal Chronic Wanderlust


Auberge L‘Apéro – made me feel home instantly

Located on 1425 Mackay, you’ll find Auberge L’Apéro just right across the street from a nice coffee shop with a terrace. This Auberge is your perfect start to explore Montréal and the entrance to wonderful Mont Royal is only a short 6 minutes’ walk away.

The dorms are either 6 bed female or mixed dorms without bathroom or 12 bed mixed dorm with ensuite bathroom.

Auberge l'apero Montreal

I chose to stay in a 6 bed female dorm and took a look at the other dorms as well. All of them have enough power sockets to charge your phone and other travel gear, lockers (no extra locks needed), sheets and WIFI included. There are several bathrooms with showers located just right next to the dorms. Everything is super clean and you feel at home instantly.

On the upper floor you’ll find the kitchen where continental breakfast (cereals, tea, coffee and toast) is served in the morning and is available to prepare some great food yourself. Another bonus is the terrace where you can enjoy the great view and relax for a while.

Private cabins – the extra special bonus

Auberge l'apero Montreal

Auberge l'apero Montreal








Have you ever seen those cabins in real life? I didn’t stay there but I checked it out and next time I get back I will definitely book a cabin! They come with TV, lights, mirror and power sockets. AND if you feel like being all by yourself drop the curtain and relax!

Auberge l'apero Montreal

Book here – prices last seen between 14€ – 23€.

I’ll be back for sure!

One last tip: Tourisme Montreal gives a cool overview what you can do in the city and you can enter some parameters and they suggest activities! 🙂 Unfortunately I found this site after I left Montreal!

Keep on travelling!


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