Warsaw – a Paradise for Foodies

Warsaw – a Paradise for Foodies

Recently I was invited to visit Warsaw and of course, I couldn't say no. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my posts and stories about this wonderful city. The Tourism Board and I teamed up to film a testimonial video about Warsaw. I was able to get to know the city and explore its endless options. I found lots and lots of restaurants offering mouth-watering Polish and international cuisine. Without further ado – here are my favourite eateries:

Breakfast with Kafka

The small and comfy student cafe is located right next to the university and is paradise for those with a lighter wallet. I had breakfast there twice because it was just. so. good! Their menu offers various breakfasts, all prepared freshly, but also snacks, cakes, hot beverages and more. Don't miss it!

Frühstück Kawiarnia Kafka Warschau Frühstück Kawiarnia Kafka Warschau

Take a stroll around Koszyki

This old warehouse was recently done up and reopened and I immediately fell in love with it: the combination of old and new and the flair is just something else. Here you can find different bars, restaurants but also shops and a book store (they only sell books written in Polish!).

hala koszyki warschau

Indulgence with a view at Miejsce

This boat anchors on the Vistula river and offers amazing views of the small bay. It's away from the hustle and bustle but still close enough to the city centre. The food too is very delicious.

Kürbissuppe Miejsce Warschauburger miejsce warschau

Finest Polish specialities at the Specjaly Regionalne

Sadly I didn't get to try a lot of different Polish dishes but what I did try just blew me away. The Specjały Regionalne is right on the Nowy Swiat, a busy road in Warsaw. My personal favourite was the potato bacon soup and the duck with roasted apple slices and red turnips. Nooooooooooooooooom!

Do you like beer? I can't praise the sweet honey beer enough!

kartoffel speck suppe specjaly regionalne warschau ente mit beilagen specjaly regionalne warschau

Burger in centre town @ Dwóch Takich

I went for a walk on my last evening in Warsaw and just couldn't pass this small, adorable café. This place would most definitely become on of my favourite places to eat in the city, would I live there. The team of Dwóch Takich serve burgers as well as cakes, snacks and a selection of beverages.

They also cater to special requests: I had chicken instead of beef and added on halloumi and bacon. Yummy!

dwoch takich warschau

burger dwoch takich warschau
Burger with halloumi and bacon – my own creation

Desserts at Pelna Para Na Nowo

Have you ever had chocolate dumplings? Although the restaurant is famous for its savoury dumplings, they also offer amazing desserts. Paired with fresh vanilla sauce, the chocolate dumplings are to die for.

schokoladen dumplings pelna para na nowo

How to find my favourite spots

I marked all my favourite food places, where I stayed and the super cool and interactive museum Copernicus for little and big kids.

Have you been to Warsaw? What was your favourite place to eat? Share your stories in the comments 🙂

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  • We went to Warsaw last year and absolutely loved the food! The dumplings were my favourite by far, but now I know they do chocolate ones I need to go back!

  • Unfortunately we only had one day in Warsaw as we messed up our schedule for getting to Vilnius, but from what we experienced in one day made us love the city! We spent a week in Krakow and the cuisine there was really lovely. We would definitely go back to Warsaw again one day!

  • The food looks absolutely delicious. Seems like there is a nice variety of everything. Definitely want to visit here one day. Thanks for sharing.

  • This food looks amazing! I loved Polish food when I was there but I didn’t get to try all the dishes that you did. I would love to go back and try some of these.

  • The foods look nice. I have yet to taste an authentic Polish food. I think I’m going on a diet first before doing foodie trip here. I wouldn’t want my clothes to shrink. 🙂

  • Now this is a great reason to visit Warsaw, just look at all that good looking food! We have been wanting to visit for years and this is definitely a tease to get us there!

  • All the food looks so delicious 🙂 I just love Polish food, and pierogis are my favourite of all:) Warsaw has many different great spots for foodies and that i why I love visiting this city and discovering new places every time. Last time my cousin took me the Akademia restaurant and it was one of the best I have been to so far! The food was incredible and so delicious:) I will definitely go back while visiting Poland next time

  • Warsaw is a real paradise for every foodie. I love visiting Warsaw and exploring all the culinary places. Last time I have discovered an amazing bar and restaurant called Bubbles. I was so delighted with my dinner! They offer amazing choice of tasty champagnes and sparkling wines alongside delicious food. It was the best dinner I have had in Warsaw during my last saty.

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