6 things I never travel without and you should neither

6 things not travel without

Dear my fellow wanderlusters!

I’ve been getting this question a lot in the last couple of month so I decided to finally do it! May I present to you:

6 Things I never travel without

Teabags and Tea Cup to go

I love, love, love tea. I need my tea in the morning as others need their coffee. Wherever I go I try to get some local tea and back home I regret not getting more! My tea2go cup is already about six years old, although I haven’t been using it during the whole time. [I got another one this summer but threw it away after a short period, because it was not spill-proof 🙁 ]

tea addict

A Pillow from Home

Sleeping at home is the best way of getting rest. At least I think so! Because of that I travel with either my new Ostrich Pillow Light or a conventional travel pillow.

Ostrich pillow light and travel neck pillow

Travel Journal

Keep a journal to plan your trip and write down stories and thoughts as you travel. I love taking out my old travel journals and reliving my trips this way.

Travel diary journal moleskine

Travel diary journal moleskine

Travel diary journal moleskine

eBook Reader – Kindle

Never again! I will never again travel with paper books as I read too much nad would have to carry at least five books with me. Thankfully someone invented ebooks and eBook readers like the kindle.

Mobile Charger

Don’t run out of juice on the go! Simply connect your phone or any other USB device to the mobile charger and think about the important things of your trip!

Cosy Knitted Socks

Say “No” to cold feet! The first thing I do on planes, busses and trains: Take off my shoes and put on a pair of cosy and warm knitted socks.

Travel knitted Socks

Let me know in the comments what your top 6 things to travel with are! 🙂

Keep on travelling!


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