6 things I never travel without and you should neither

6 things not travel without

Dear my fellow wanderlusters!

I've been getting this question a lot in the last couple of month so I decided to finally do it! May I present to you:

6 Things I never travel without

Teabags and Tea Cup to go

I love, love, love tea. I need my tea in the morning as others need their coffee. Wherever I go I try to get some local tea and back home I regret not getting more! My tea2go cup is already about six years old, although I haven't been using it during the whole time. [I got another one this summer but threw it away after a short period, because it was not spill-proof 🙁 ]

tea addict

A Pillow from Home

Sleeping at home is the best way of getting rest. At least I think so! Because of that I travel with either my new Ostrich Pillow Light or a conventional travel pillow.

Ostrich pillow light and travel neck pillow

Travel Journal

Keep a journal to plan your trip and write down stories and thoughts as you travel. I love taking out my old travel journals and reliving my trips this way.

Travel diary journal moleskine

Travel diary journal moleskine

Travel diary journal moleskine

eBook Reader – Kindle

Never again! I will never again travel with paper books as I read too much nad would have to carry at least five books with me. Thankfully someone invented ebooks and eBook readers like the kindle.

Mobile Charger

Don't run out of juice on the go! Simply connect your phone or any other USB device to the mobile charger and think about the important things of your trip!

Cosy Knitted Socks

Say “No” to cold feet! The first thing I do on planes, busses and trains: Take off my shoes and put on a pair of cosy and warm knitted socks.

Travel knitted Socks

Let me know in the comments what your top 6 things to travel with are! 🙂

Keep on travelling!



  • 1- eReader: marvelous invention, allows me to borrow books from my neighbourhood public Library from the other end of the world. I get a kick of of that every time…
    2- Notebook computer: no need to recopy my travel chronicles anymore. Except when the inspiration comes and I don’t have the comuter with me in which case I write on my eReader.
    3- Loose tea and silicone tea egg.
    4- Small container of my father’s ashes. He loved to travel, ingrained that love in me so when I get to a place he would have liked I leave a little bit of him there. Always a sweet moment…
    5- 2-3m of medium size rope, 2-3 clothes pin, a small roll of duct tape, a tiny tube of crazy glue, miniature multi-heads screwdriver, pocket knife, a little bell I can tie to my shoe to let animals know I’m visiting their territory… That’s the content of my ‘In any event’ bag.
    6- Compression stockings to prevent ECS (Economy Class Syndrome). What a pleasure to get ones feet back in shoes at destination with ease and without heavy legs feeling…

  • My number one travel accessory as a digit nomad is an extension lead. There are never enough plugs for all of the gear that I want to charge and this has been a constant life saver.

    I also wouldn’t leave home without my guidebook, deet, tissues and headphones – noisy flights are the worst!

    • True that! Extension leads are life savers! I stopped carrying guidebooks and just get the pdf Versions, sometimes I check TrioAdvisor or ask fellow travellers. Then I put everything in an offline google map and start exploring! 🙂

      And I completely agree with you on the noisy flights! I just listen to the classic or yoga music channel and I can sleep like a baby again!

      Happy travels!

  • For me it’s got to be headphones! I brought 3 pairs to SE Asia and I’m on my last pair 🙁 unfortunately they’re the white ones that come with your iPhone

    • I’m sure that you’ll find some headphones there as well! Maybe even a bit cheaper than back home!
      So I’m curious- do they break or do you manage to lose them somehow?

  • After travelling through China, we totally got addicted to the thermos cups everyone carries around. Amazing to always have tea at hand!

    Our essentials are our smartphones (guidebook, camera, notebook, music player, computer, etc., all in one!!), wet wipes (lifesavers, they are), and a pen for filling out forms and drawing pictures to explain things when there’s no common language. We also always carry booze with us, usually some local spirit. Comes in handy to de-stress and make friends with others 😉

  • Smartphone, portable mobile charger, hand sanitiser (especially in Asia), a scarf for keeping warm or covering up, headset, “emergency” stash of tea and coffee sachets for me 🙂

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