A seat in the front, please! The new Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

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Before I even get on the plane, I can already hear the sounds of The Blue Danube. It’s a feeling of home that I associate with this melody. Dararararam ramdam daram darararam datam datam …. The crew greets me with a charming smile on board – as usual. I love exploring the world with our airline.

But today, it is a little different. My ticket doesn’t say Economy Class like on most other flights. There is one additional word. My boarding pass says Premium Economy Class. I was able to test this new way of travelling with Austrian Airlines in January on a short route in Europe.

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

My seat on today’s flight is 11G. Almost at the very front of the plane. The new seats of the Premium Economy Class immediately catch my eye. More space, more comfort, and a little amenity kit await me there. The seats are slightly wider than the ones in Economy Class and – which is especially important for tall people like me – the distance between the seats is bigger. While the other guests are still boarding, I can already choose from a variety of drinks as a welcome drink.

Ms. Urbanek, may I offer you a hot towel?” The flight attendants even know my name and I’m happy to refresh my hands with the hot towel. Also, I’m invited to choose something from the menu, that will be served later.

Thanks to the welcome drink and the attentive crew, time flies by – even though we are just rolling onto the runway. With a longing feeling, I watch as we take off and look through the window. The airport in Vienna gets smaller and smaller and the plane rises higher and higher in the air. For a moment I forget where I am right now until I’m brought back to reality.

The food is ready! On my plate today there’s a tender fish filet with tasty beans and spinach. Salad and warm pastries are served as well. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the fine DO & CO food on board of Austrian Airlines knows that one cannot compare it to any other airplane food served by other airlines.

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class Essen

After the pampering, I decide to explore my seat a little further. In addition to a larger screen and comfortable headphones, I find a power socket – very practical on longer flights.

I’m super relaxed and only one question comes to mind: “When will I travel Premium Economy Class again?”

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

Advantages and information | Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class

All long-haul flights operated by Austrian Airlines are equipped with the new Premium Economy Class. Starting now, you can enjoy this more comfortable way to travel.

I’ve summarized the most important advantages of it for you:

  • 2 pieces of luggage with max 23kg each
  • several DO&CO dishes are available on board
  • your own power outlet
  • more legroom and a wider seat area
  • amenity kit with useful things
  • but there’s more in Premium Economy Class – you can enjoy an interactive experience here.

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I was invited to this flight by Austrian Airlines – my enthusiasm is unaffected.

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