Best Gifts for Travellers that you will be thanked for


Hello out there my fellow Wanderlusters!

Christmas, birthdays, other festive occasions throughout the year call for presents and gifts.

Best Gifts and Presents for Travellers

I have to share with you some great presents and gifts that I can recommend to give to a person that carries the world in their heart!

1.) Scratch Travel Map

I got this quite a while ago, but I really love it. The map comes covered with some rubber (or so), you can scratch off the countries that you visited and get an overview of the great world that we are lucky to live in.

Scratch Map Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

2.) World Map Sheets and Bedding

Fall asleep on the world and cover yourself with the world! I just discovered those lovely World Map Sheets and World Map Beddings! A must have for all dreamers out there!


GoPro Hero 4 Silver

3.) GoPro Camera

Are you an adventurer? Do you love to share special moments with your friends? I certainly do, although I don’t have a GoPro myself, but I have borrowed one a couple of times.The latest GoPros just came out a couple of month ago. The silver edition comes with a screen also! A really cool new feature is that you can connect them with your phone or tablet and see what you are filming or taking pictures of on a larger screen!

4.) City Maps Calendar

 My sister got me one a year ago for Christmas and I use it all the time (besides my Moleskine calendar and notebook and google calendar). Every month has a different city map canvas, there is an annual overview and then every week on one look.

Calender Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust Calender Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

5.) Passport cover

Sometimes it is handy when your passport is the lightest possible and there is no additional cover or case around it. But to keep it save from water, dust, scratches or twisting it is better to keep it stored in a cover. Here are the two that I currently use and love: (find the first one here (plus check out their other stuff also here); I bought the second one in an original Vespa store in Rome, i couldn’t find it online now)

Passport cover Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

Passport cover Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust Passport cover Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

6.) Otter boxes for your phone

If you are as clumsy as I am and still want to use your phone and not replace it all the time get an Otter Box Phone Case! You will and can thank me later for that! I’ve been looking for the best case for my phone because the last died of a battle vs. the stone floor. (RIP)

The phone becomes a bit bulkier, but after a day you will get used to it and it will be shock-proof.

7.) Funny baggage tags and baggage straps

Sometimes I put the baggage tags on my handbag just for the travel feeling’s sake! I always keep an eye open for those little companions! Plus when using colourful baggage straps your luggage won’t get mixed up so easy, meaning no discussions about whose luggage it really is. (I also put one in the middle of my backpack too, just in case it bursts – hopefully it will never happen!!)

I’ve put together some nice ones for you  here.

Baggage tags Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust Baggage straps Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

8.) Portable Charger

Never run out of battery again! Your fellow travellers will love you for this gadget!

mobile charger for travelling

9.) Lenses for your phone

Take even more stunning photos with your phone! Cheap and great results. I love mine!
I can recommend getting a fish-eye, macro and wide lense.

There are different options available. I stuck to the magnetic version, but clips are great as well.

P1030758 P1030760

10.) Spork or Sporf

Spork Goodies for Travellers Chronic Wanderlust

I got this handy little gadget from my sister when she spent a year abroad in the US. It’s a great tool – I mean what do we want more than a spoon, fork and a knife in one?? This little gadget helped me out a lot during my countless trips.

11.) Packing Cubes

Those little babies are essential when it comes down to travelling organized. Most of them are super light and come in different shapes and sizes (and prize categories). I personally love and use the packing cubes from IKEA called Upptäcka and others from Eagle Creek. Both are pretty cool but vary in colour and range.

12.) Travel Magazine Subscription

Sometimes there is no chance of escaping the cold weather at home or not enough money to go on a trip (again). I treat myself with travel magazines like Lonely Planet Traveller, National Geographic, Wanderlust Traveller, etc.

Travel Magazines

I hope you could find some things here 🙂

Keep on travelling!


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