It’s my Birthday – and that’s what I learned in 9131 Days

It’s my Birthday – and that’s what I learned in 9131 Days

I tease my boyfriend every now and then and tell him he is ssoooo super old. And now it hits me as well. For the past weeks and months, I’ve thought about getting older, maturer and dealt with the term being an ADULT.

My conclusion? I’m definitely not ready for it. Can someone please tell me where the button is that gets me back in my sandpit under the apple tree at my parents? Back to the times where my head wasn’t filled with taxes, elections, ISO settings or exam dates.

So today, I’m turning 25 – and if you ask me about it, I’ve been telling you the same age for the past four years. But not that I don’t wish others to know my age, it’s merely because I forget about it and age is nothing but a number (a quite high one for my bf though).

Because being 25 is such an important birthday, I’ll give you my ultimate worldly wisdom of things that I learned in the past 25 years.

#1 15 minutes just for me

Now I get up 15 minutes before I have to really get up. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m just happy that I don’t have to start the day rushing and running around the apartment. With those extra 15 mins I’m able to relax and have a cup of tea, deal with my emails or write on something.

#2 Comparing

I’m not saying I’ve stopped comparing myself to others. But it’s gotten a lot better since I was in high school. Now I care so little that it scares me sometimes.

#3 Travel …

… is not the ultimate path to happiness. Constant travel isn’t for me and I had to learn it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy travelling. But I’ve changed during the past years and got further with other things. Now I know what I like doing when travelling, which I didn’t know with 20 where I ended up doing everything. Travelling is still important to me though.

#4 Diving …

… is a path to happiness. It’s my path to happiness. And I’m just thankful to be able to share this with my boyfriend. And since I’ve gotten all my equipment there’s barely an hour where I don’t think about where to dive next. It’s become my biggest passion. It fascinates me. And I’m happy that my friends know and sometimes come for advice too.

#5 Boundaries and Limits

I’ve come to know my own limits. What do I need, what can I do.

I’ve learned that long-term travelling is not for me. 3-6 weeks is my personal maximum for trips. If a trip is longer, my hard drive is full and I can’t enjoy it anymore. Instead of travelling to South America for three months, I’d rather do three individual trips and I’d be able to enjoy it a lot more.

#6 Love

Love really exists. And I’ve found it (after some mistakes though).

#7 This thing with the Future

My 20-year-old-me would’ve shaken her head in disbelieve. But I know now that a tiny bit of planning and responsibility is useful in life. It’s not about planning the next 36,2 years. But to know where I want to go and what to do with my life is surely not a bad thing.

My big goal until my next birthday is to finally start my dive instructor training.

#8 Not everybody wants to see you fail

But not everybody wants to see you successful either. There’s still a bunch of people who wish one another the best. Simply the best. You know who I mean, thank you!

#9 Sanctuary World of Books

Reading is escaping reality. Books are my sanctuary. A place where I can be and explore.

#10 It’s okay to live with your parents at the age of 23

I may not have lived a typical student life, but it was my decision to live with my parents during my bachelor studies and even stay there for another two years after that. This way I was able to save a lot of money and travel a lot.

I know that some of my colleagues smiled at me because of that. But I know that I’ve experienced more on my trips than I ever would’ve at those parties.

#11 Adults do NOT know everything

And they are not perfect by far.

#12 Don’t take yourself too seriously

You are not the only fountain of ultimate wisdom. Rethink what you’ve said, what you’ve done, what your goals are, …

#13 Money doesn’t buy happiness, but diving does

Yet it’s important to have some and to earn it. Travelling like a beg-packer wouldn’t be anything for me.

… didn’t we talk about that already? Might be, but I can’t say it often enough.

#14 Meat and Coffee

… are just two things I can’t stand. And now I’ve finally the courage to say so.

#15 Going out

… isn’t something that I enjoy. I don’t even drink that much alcohol – barely anything. I prefer a cosy night in with y good book or with my boyfriend relaxing.

#16 Waste separation is a start…

… but not enough.

#17 Paying my own bills makes me feel grown up

At least it did so in the beginning. And then it’s not so nice having to take care of them anymore. But yet, it’s a good feeling being able to pay for your own things and value it even more.

#18 Inner Child…

… don’t ever lose it. Dance in the kitchen, dance in the park, play with chestnuts, do what kids do!

#19 Trust is crucial

Having someone to talk to about anything. No matter if it’s a friend, the boyfriend or a plush toy.

#20 I can’t do everything on my own

I’m still working on that. I’m getting better at figuring out when and why I need to ask for help.

#21 Experiences are more important than my country count

A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have said that.

#22 Sport can be fun

Running, swimming, hiking, .. it’s an effort to start, but when I’m doing it it’s just amazing.

#23 I’m catching myself by surprise

And learn a lot new things. Every day.

#24 Introvert

My parents and teachers always told me I was an extrovert. I believed them for a while. But not anymore. I read this one article (in German) and I knew it. I’m an introvert. A proud one too.

#25 Up

Life can be shitty sometimes, but when you are in a dark hole, there’s only one direction: UP!

That’s all of my ultimate worldly wisdom – how about?

Keep on travelling

Ps. My boyfriend really isn’t that old. But he certainly is the grown up in our relationship. I’m responsible for fun, activities and finance and his job is to perform dances in the kitchen, deal with the apartment and insurances. Did I mix something up?

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