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No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!! Solo Travelling


No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!! We all sometimes ache to go somewhere usual or completely off the track. You start researching and fall in love with the destination, save up some money, but no one of your friends seems to be interested. You end up not traveling at all. ALMOST! Don’t let others influence your travel experience by not having it at all. You are responsible for your own life…

That moment … at the airport of Mexico City


That moment … at the airport of Mexico City It was over. After spending three marvellous months in Mexico it was time for me to leave again. I already had flown into Mexico City from Monterrey in the North and now I was here at the international airport of Mx City. I could cry – I love it here so much: wonderful colleagues, great trips, awesome parties, pretty cool adventures…

travel apps

Helpful travel apps and websites


Let’s talk travel apps and websites! When I look at my phone I cannot help the urge to travel. Most of my smart phone apps are travel apps to prepare trips and store information about them. So here’re the ones that I use often: Touchnote This one is really great, you can instantly send your own photos as postcards around the world. One postcard is 1,49€ or 1,49 USD (how their exchange…

Pacsafe Z28 review anti theft backpack

Pacsafe Z28 Anti-Theft Backpack Review


The Pacsafe Z28 Anti-Theft Backpack Review About Pacsafe When I first heard of Pacsafe and their apparently great bags and I scanned their whole website for a suitable backpack or handbag for one of my countless getaways. They have very great handbags and camera bags as well! The Z28 The Z28 is an anti-theft backpack with an incorporated steel mesh so it works as a safe, but it is portable….

places visited chronic wanderlust

My trips so far


View Chronic Wanderlust on a larger map Yellowish Stars — Find links to articles on the blog Blue Pins — already visited Green squares — part of my round the world trip I love writing about my travels, here are some posts Mexico Mexico is so much more than Cancun About spending Christmas in Mexico (again) Whale sharks in Yucatán Airport Moment Diving in Cenotes Bungee Jumping Diving in Pet Cemetery Cenote Scotland Reasons…

Staying in Hostels


Staying in hostels – do it right! So when I travel I mostly stay in hostels, not only because it is (or can be) really cheap, but also because you get to meet a lot of really cool and nice people! Especially when I travel alone I enjoy this experience. I book a dorm bed and then I stay some time at the common rooms and talk to other travellers about…

Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains


Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains Clothes long tracksuit bottoms: to keep you warm and comfy extra pair of socks: I prefer woollen socks to put on top of my normal socks to keep me warm (because I take of my shoes on busses and trains) sweater: same as above –> to keep you warm scarf: to keep my throat covered and warm, because I tend to get sick…

mobile charger for travelling

Portable Mobile Charger


You’ve been on the road for a bit and you are depending on your phone to find your way to your hostel or hotel. You see your battery drop. And then it goes off and no power sockets and chargers anywhere to be found. My dear fellow travellers, I got the solution: Portable Mobile Chargers Even if you find your way to your hostel, the low on battery issue may…

travel planner travel diary

Travel planner – Travel diary


Long before I started travelling I came across the Moleskine Calendars, which I adore, because they help me plan better and get an overview about what’s going on! Travel planner and travel diaries Because I was so fond of them and my calendar got filled with my travel wishes and plans, so I decided to make a second base for my thoughts. I got  Moleskine’s ruled, soft notebook. I like…