Cave trekking through Kreidelucke in Upper Austria


Cave trekking through Kreidelucke in Pyhrn-Priel, Upper Austria

It was already pitch dark after a few steps. No movement could be made out any more and all my other senses sharpened. I tried to construe every sound. How long would it go on like this? When would I be able to see where I was going again? Why didn’t I ask about it before we started? I didn’t feel uneasy but it wasn’t comfortable either. But it started being fun after a while!

Höhlentrekking Kreidelucke Pyhrn Priel

Today it is my pleasure to take you to the region of Pyhrn-Priel and to participate in a particularly nerve wrecking activity: cave trekking! You may think that it doesn’t sound exciting but keep on reading and find out for yourself 😉

Cave explorer for the day

The Kreidelucke is a cave in Upper Austria (my new home! 🙂 ) and it’s full of nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored. I absolutely loved cave diving in Mexico and I decided I wanted to explore caves without my diving equitment or getting wet. Said. Signed up. Done.

My boyfriend Jörg and I joined a group of other brave adventurers from Bavaria. We had to slip on neoprene suits and shoes before getting on the bus. Little did we know how much we would need proper gear.

Kreidelucke Höhlentrekking
Adventure J & Miss Wanderlust

The hike to the Kreidelucke is fairly easy and absolutely stunning. You get to see waterfalls, canyons, forests, … Aw, Austria, I am glad to be able to call you my home!

Höhlentrekking Kreidelucke

We passed this sign:

Höhlentrekking Kreidelucke

and then this one:

Höhlentrekking Kreidelucke
Entry is permitted with a guide only – doing this solo isn’t a good idea at all!

We spent about three hours trekking in the cave. We eventually got used to the darkness and more confident about where to step. Mind your head tho! Don’t get up too fast, you don’t want to bump your head on the rocks above you.

We were glad to have been given proper trekking gear because we spent a lot of time crawling around on our knees or wading through waist deep, ice-cold water. We also got to climb up a natural rock chimney. You should not be claustrophobic or have a fear of the dark but also do not overestimate your abilities. Be cautious – accidents happen quickly. I had so much fun doing the trek and I cannot wait to go on a longer cave trek in the very near future.

Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel
Wading in waist deep, ice-cold water

Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel

Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel

Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel
Keep smiling – even if it’s challenging!
Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel
Vertical drop – that’s where we climbed up

Further info

  • IMPORTANT: don’t take this trip if you are claustrophobic or have a fear of the dark.
  • surefootedness is important
  • Do not attempt this tour solo or without a guide. It is very easy to lose orientation and you won’t have phone signal in the mountain
  • Equipment: neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, helmet and head lights (provided)
  • Do bring your own towel and bathing suit/pants
  • You can book this and other – even more challenging – tours with Pro Adventure.

Höhlentrekking Pyhrn Priel

Keep on travelling

Note: Many thanks to Region Pyhrn-Priel for inviting us on this adventure!

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