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How to get a SIM card with data in Chile

Today I’m sharing with you how to get a SIM card the easy and fast way in Chile, so you can start using the internet (almost) anywhere.

Ever now and then I do enjoy being offline and not reachable. I even leave the phone in airplane mode. That’s just relaxing and necessary.

But – sure there’s a but here now – as I am travelling more than just a few days and I know how handy a smartphone can be. Especially with a working internet connection.

And that’s the reason why I went to look for a sim card on my very first day in Santiago. I went to a total of three different providers to get an idea. The first one was just unfriendly and even barked at me. The second one was too expensive and the third I liked best and I got a good deal there.

The type of SIM card I need

  • prepaid: it has to be a prepaid one so I am in control of my expenses
  • no monthly plan
  • cheap data packages: I don’t really need minutes and texts, that’s why I don’t look at packages that include that
  • big data packages: I need more than 1 GB per Week, 2 GB would be even better
  • right SIM size: for my OnePlus Two I need a nano sim
  • easy to add credit: at a kiosk, supermarket, online,…

As already mentioned I wasn’t very welcomed in the first shop. The reason being: they don’t even have prepaid cards. You could’ve been nice anyway, Entel…

The second one was simply too expensive for what I was looking for. Claro, we won’t be hanging out together either.

Then finally at shop number three, I found what I was looking for: WOM! Their prepaid sim cards are even free of charge. They give those out for free. (FYI: Many other companies charge you little or even a lot for a new sim card.) One of the guys working there gave me two to be on the save side. And the best part: each SIM card comes with 10 minutes and 20 MB included. Sure, that’s not much, but if you only need it for one call, that’ll do.

WOM Chile SIM Karte

Of course, it is necessary to put some money on the card. They had the following packages:

WOM SIM card Chile prepaid
Different options for prepaid data – WOM Chile


  • 50 MB approx. 0.33€ valid for one day
  • 100 MB approx. 0.66€ valid for three days
  • 200 MB approx. 1.35€ valid for seven days
  • 500 MB approx. 3.36€ valid for 15 days
  • 1 GB approx. 6.73€ valid for 30 days

That might not sound like much, but there was another deal on top: If you add more than 3000 Chilean pesos (approx. 4€) at once they give you another 2 GB and 500MB for social media for free.
In total I added 5000 Chilean Pesos (approx. 6.73€) and got 3.5GB! Wonderful!

The one weird thing was that I couldn’t put any credit on the card at the WOM shop. I needed to go to a kiosk in the streets to put the 5000 pesos there. Which is still very simple and easy to do.

This will help:

  • Necesito una tarjeta SIM de prepago. – I need a prepaid SIM card.
  • Cuanto cuesta? – How much is that?
  • Como son los paquetes de internet? – What kind of data options are there?
  • Gracias! – Thank you!

Keep on travelling

Note: the internet might not be the fastest one, but it surely does its job.

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