How much are 4 Days in Colombia’s Coffee Region

Coffee Region Colombia

How much are 4 Days in Colombia’s Coffee Region

Colombia’s Coffee Region is a must for everyone that loves green landscapes. Don’t worry if you don’t like any coffee, there’s plenty to do here. The colourful facades of Salento and Filandia seem like a daydream. How much I spent in 4 days travelling the Coffee Zone aka Eje Cafetero or Zona Cafetera here in this post:

My itinerary for 4 days in Colombia’s Coffee Region

Day 0: Fight from Bogotá to Pereira

Day 1: Salento and hiking in Valle de Cocora

Day 2: Day trip to Filandia

Day 3: Coffee Farm near Salento, then back to Pereira

Day 4: Relaxing at the hot springs in Santa Rosa, late flight back to Bogotá

*What I did on day 2 and 3 can also be done in one day, but might be stressful

More and detailed info about my itinerary here.

Kaffeezone Kolumbien

Map with important points

Travel Style

Accommodation: two nights in a hostel in a dorm, two nights in a hostel in a private room

Food: breakfast, lunch and dinner in restaurants or in the hostel (no breakfast was included in the accommodation)

Activities: hiking in Valle de Cocora, guided tour coffee farm, hot springs with a massage

Transportation: Flight to Pereira, then local buses, taxis or simply walking

Salento Kaffeezone Kolumbien

Cost Report

Day 0Arrival102.51€
Flight273170 COP88.55€
Taxi to Hostel13000 COP4.24€
Accommodation30000 COP9.72€
Day 1Salento & Valle de Cocora46.81€
breakfast7000 COP2.28€
Taxi to bus station4000 COP1.30€
Bus from Pereira to Salento7000 COP2.28€
Cup of pineapple3000 COP0.98€
Jeep to Cocora3000 COP0.98€
Entrance Fee Cocora2000 COP0.65€
Hot Chocolate with cheese5000 COP1.63€
Jeep back to Salento3000 COP0.98€
Dinner30000 COP9.80€
Accommodation80000 COP25.93€
Day 2Filandia47.79€
breakfast12000 COP3.91€
Bus to Flores and Filandia5000 COP1.63€
Cocada and cake7000 COP2.28€
Entrance fee tower8000 COP2.61€
Bus and Bus back to Salento5000 COP1.63€
Dinner30000 COP9.80€
Accommodation80000 COP25.93€
Day 3Coffee Farm41,11€
Breakfast12000 COP3.91€
Lunch44000 COP14.35€
Guided Tour Coffee Farm15000 COP4.98€
Jeep back to Salento3000 COP0.98€
Dinner10000 COP3.26€
Bus to Pereira7000 COP2.28€
Taxi to Hostel5000 COP1.63€
Accommodation30000 COP9.72€
Day 4Termales de Santa Rosa54,95€
Breakfast7000 COP2.28€
Bus to Santa Rosa2200 COP0.72€
Jeep to hot springs20000 COP6.62€
Entrance fee hot springs20000 COP6.48€
Ice cream4000 COP1.30€
Massage80000 COP26.09€
Jeep back to Santa Rosa3000 COP0.98€
Bus back to Pereira2200 COP0.72€
Dinner17000 COP5.55€
Taxi to airport13000 COP4.21€

*COP = Colombian Pesos

That’s 73,29€ a day including flights; without flights: 51,16€.


The most important thing on this trip was probably my rain jacket and the cover for my backpack. It was quite rainy and that’s also typical for that region in Colombia.

If you look for more info about Colombia’s Coffee Region, I’ve written an extensive post about what to do, how to get around and where to stay and eat.

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