Don’t dive in Cozumel

Cozumel Diving

There’s this little island. It belongs to Mexico and some of you might have heard about it. Many cruise ships (eewwww!) stop here. Others may know it because the diving is supposed to be “oh so spectacular”. Here is why you should never, and I mean never ever, dive in Cozumel:

The reefs are ugly and there are hardly any fish left in the sea

Turtles, colourful corals, two meter long moraines, poriferans, fish in the brightest colours, sharks, underwater arches and caves in stunning coral gardens, an ocean so warm you think you’re taking a bath in your bathtub and 26-33°C air temperature…. All of this you can see every day, every dive. Who could relax in those conditions?! Who would want to see this underwater world? Who would want to feel like being part of a National Geographic documentary…

Cozumel Diving

It is dirt cheap

You’d think diving in this underwater paradise is super expensive. Eh nope. A dive day, including 2 dives, costs a little more than USD 100,–. Most companies also provide water, snacks and fresh fruit during the surface interval. Ugh!

People are too friendly

Everyone is super helpful, scuba tanks are on the boat already, the equipment is assembled for you, the dive brief is very detailed and the dive masters are easy going and fun to be around. Since when is diving supposed to be fun?!

It is way too dangerous

It doesn’t matter how good you are with making your air last as long as possible, you’ll always want to spend more time in this fantastic underwater world. Only 55 minutes? 500 minutes would be more like it!

Cozumel Diving

You will want to be someone else

What would it be like to live down here? Be it as a fish or a mermaid. Living on land will never be the same again. You won’t be able to stop daydreaming about your underwater life and wish to have gills to be able to live in the waters around Cozumel forever.

You will want to quit your 9 to 5

You will start to research more and more about how to spend as much time as possible underwater. You’ll start with the divemaster course and soon the idea of being a dive master yourself will be stuck in your head.  Sunkissed skin, a laid back outlook on life and definitely much more fun than a 9 to 5 – but who would want that anyway?!

Cozumel Diving

It is addictive

Diving in general, is pretty risky: the biggest risk is the addiction. First, you start off with your open water course. You laugh at all those crazy dive veterans completely addicted to spending time in the water. Their life is built around diving. Nothing else seems to be more important. But after completing your first course, you will slowly start to understand. Where is the next support group?!

Why you should never dive in Cozumel

This is really easy to answer: after diving in Cozumel, you will never find a better place to dive again. You will compare other dive sites to Cozumel and they won’t stand a chance. Even the Great Barrier Reef is nowhere as good a diving spot as this magical underwater world. I know what I am talking about, I went diving in Australia last year.

Nothing else will matter anymore

So, will you dare to dive in Cozumel? Yes? Then be sure to dive with  Blue Magic Scuba. I have been diving with them for years and not once did I want to get out of the water after a successful dive!


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