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When I think back to my road trip through Florida a few years ago, I can’t even turn off the cinema inside my head. Especially the sea with its thousands of shades of blues has impressed me. One of my stops on the trip was the coastal city Fort Lauderdale – also known as the Venice of America. In this blog story you’ll find out why divers and snorkelers will like it here:

Fort Lauderdale: Something for every Water Sports enthusiast

In Greater Fort Lauderdale water enthusiasts get their money’s worth. The coastal city not only has pleasant warm water temperatures all year round, but also offers a lot of variety in the water!

Scuba Diving in Greater Fort Lauderdale

What would a trip be without diving? Probably not one I would undertake any time soon. And that’s why my first tip is: go scuba diving!

Fort Lauderdale has the nickname Shipwreck Capital of America because a few years ago a lot of ships were sunk here to create artificial reefs. The results are impressive! The wrecks are now covered with colorful corals and fish have found a new home.

Even if wrecks are not your thing, you can also find other dive sites in the Fort Lauderdale region. Some of them are also easy to reach without a boat. Grab your diving buddy and start exploring under the surface!


Especially popular with divers are the following dive sites, which feature especially colourful reefs and many fish:

  • Hammerhead Reef
  • Blue Heron Bridge
  • Hydro Atlantic
  • Jim Atria Wreck
  • Tenneco Towers

You can dive all year round with water temperatures between 22-28°C. However, I would advise you not to travel here in September as this is hurricane season.

Depending on the season, you can encounter different animal species in the water:

  • Spring: Hammerhead sharks (especially on the outer reefs)
  • Summer: Manta rays, various turtles, and sharks
  • Autumn: Lobsters
  • Winter: Bull sharks, sailfish, and possibly whale sharks as well

Snorkelling in Fort Lauderdale

The distinctive feature of Greater Fort Lauderdale is that there are some reefs that can be reached in a few minutes from the beach. So even non-divers can observe the beauty of the sea from the surface. At Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and Hollywood the reefs are particularly close to the coast and are just waiting to be discovered by you – these include the following beautiful snorkeling spots:

  • Vista Park Reef
  • Pompano Beach
  • Hollywood North Beach Park

Water sports in Fort Lauderdale

In general, you can take part in various water sports in the Fort Lauderdale region, in addition to jet skiing you can also surf and go stand-up paddle boarding. But just let yourself be inspired and see what the locals are doing in the water!

Tips and helpful links

  • The price lists of the dive shops can sometimes be very confusing, as they break down the price for the boat, guide and equipment individually. In order to avoid misunderstandings, ask the dive shop for a total price – so you won’t get any surprises like me back then.
  • Here you can find more information about the Greater Fort Lauderdale region, Fort Lauderdale as a destination and the USA in general.

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