Gifts for Travellers for any occasion

Gifts for Travellers for any Occasion

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion

Soon! Soon it’s Christmas time, and even I am thinking about what to give my loved ones – or what I’d love to receive. I’ve browsed the web and found some great gifts for travellers for any occasion that any traveller would love! No matter if it’s for Christmas, Easter, Birthday, any day, .. 🙂 Have fun finding new things!

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion for less than 15€

Funny Bag for dirty clothes

… dirty clothes will never be boring again! Seen for 15 USD.

Screenshot von radbag
Screenshot radbag

Lush Hair and Body Soaps

… saves a lot of space in your backpack and won’t spill! Starts at around 7€

lush haarseife

Mini Safe

I’ve seen this around a couple of times already, now I’ve found it online for about 17€.

Screenshot radbag

Foldable drinking bottle

… when you’ve finished it, fold it! Seen online for less than 10€ – also great for students 😉

Trinkflasche faltbar silikon Trinkflasche faltbar silikon

World Map Puzzle for your Fridge

I’ve found it in a small shop in Ghent in Belgium – and online here.

Puzzle weltkarte kühlschrank

Photo Book with your best photos from your last trip

Collect the impressions from your last trip and create a wonderful memory. How about a photo book or a calendar? Available here and here online for less than 10€.

cewe Fotobuch Mexiko

Other small gifts for travellers for any occasion for less than 15€

  • Travel towel – you can never have enough and they are super handy – seen for less than 10€
  • Lock for keeping your belongings safe on your trips
  • Dinner at a Mexican or Indian restaurant in your city – order something you don’t know
  • Travel diary

WeFair Linz

Scratch Maps

I’ve always adored those maps! Scratch the places that you’ve visited. There are different maps and this is an edition where each continent is printed on a single card. Found online for about 11€.

Trinkflasche faltbar silikon

Scratchmap klein karten

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion for less than 50€

Big Scratch Map

This is the map that started all the scratch fun – it can also be found in my office 😉 There’s more colour now and additions to the world map such as Europe and the US. Found online for about 25€.

Cork Board World Map

Also here are many different options. I especially like this blue one for about 10€ and this one where the cork board is cut to match the outlines of our continents for about 28€.

screenshot radba
screenshot radbag

Poster: 100 Things you must do before you die

This might be the perfect thing for your toilet door 😉 Seen for about 30€

Screenshot radbag
Screenshot radbag

Lonely Planet’s The World

This is for the dreamers. The whole world in a book. Might sound ambitious, but it’s a great gift to get lost in and discover new places. Seen for about 19€.

Lonely Planet die welt

Tissue Dispenser

I got this Moai from my bf before I left for my trip to Chile. Now it’s part of my office and everyone loves it! It also remembers me of my days on Easter Island. I found this one online for about 30€.

There’s also a Tiki version for about 18€.

Packing Cubes

… for a somewhat order in your backpack or suitcase. I’m currently loving the packing cubes by Minaal  for 49 US$, as well as the ones by eagle creek for less than 20€. The cheapest I found were by IKEA for about 6-8€ with various in a pack.

minaal packing cubes

Fight the cable war!

… for more structure and no tangled cables try the Mobile Toolcase by Minaal. I also use it and love it! There’s enough place for my GoPro, separate batteries, charger cables, Ricoh Theta (360° Camera), memory cards and my small microphone.

minaal toolcase

Cushions for the Airport or Airline Geek

Ever since I first saw them somewhere online I’ve wanted to have them. ALL OF THEM! There’s also shirts and other accessories. Cushions start around 22€.

© Screenshot Airportag
© Screenshot Airportag

Cork Globe

This is one of the gifts anyone would love! Some day when I own a small library in my home this will be found there too! Seen for 40€.

Screenshot Radbag
Screenshot radbag

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion for more than 50€

Osprey Porter 46

This is my favourite backpack at the moment. It’s small enough for carry on and still big enough to fit things for two weeks. Seen for around 110€.

Good shoes

like those here by Swiss company ON, because nobody likes blisters and sore feet 😉

on shoes

on shoes

Other great backpacks to give to travellers

Other gifts that travellers like

  • Travel insurance – necessary, yet I hope you’ll never need it.
  • Money – as simple as that. To use for skydiving, kayaking, snorkeling, equipment, …
  • Time spent together – not via skype – put your phones down and open a bottle of wine or tequila.
  • Voucher for postcards – upload a photo, type in your message and they’ll print and post it for you. There are many companies out there, I prefer Touchnote
  • Pay for their visa – those can be quite expensive

2 Tage in Santiago de Chile Kosten

Things that are completely useless

  • Passport covers, you’ll have to take it out again and again when they check your ID and at the borders, they don’t like them at all. I prefer a small pouch where I also put my frequent flyer card and boarding passes.
  • Vouchers for a certain airline – I don’t want to be stuck with one airline. I want to travel the cheapest and most convenient.
  • Anything with “Not all those who wander are lost” – seen too many times already.

What are your gift tips for Christmas, birthdays and others?

Keep on travelling

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