Kreiskogel and Zirbitzkogel – Hiking in Austria


Kreiskogel & Zirbitzkogel – simply made for each other!

Summer is approaching, the weather gets warmer – nature is calling! A lot of people, including me, are drawn to the mountains to enjoy our beautiful nature and to recharge your batteries hiking.

There’s so many hiking routes to choose from – really one is spoilt for choice!

Today I am excited to show you an amazing hiking route in the Seetaler Alpen in Styria, Austria.

The hike

Kreiskogel Zirbitzkogel Wanderung
© outdooractive

Start and end: parking lot close to Winterleitenhütte
Length: 10,4 km
Altitude difference: 786 m
Duaration (calculated with outdooractive): approx. 4 hours
Highest point: 2364m
Lowest point: 1779m

Kreiskogel Zirbitzkogel Wanderung
© outdooractive

Winterleitenhütte – Ready, set, go!


There is plenty of space to park your car close to the Winterleitenhütte. First, you bypass the Kleinen Winterleitensee (lake) before you make your way to the Großen Winterleitensee (lake), walk to the sign below  – please turn right here!

Winterleiten Kreiskogel

Reaching the mountain crest you have military grounds to your right which is used for training by the Austrian military. Please do take note of the signs asking you to not photograph the area.

The path leading up to the first summit is rather steep and challenging. Expect some huffing and puffing along the way!

You can even find small areas still covered in snow in the summer. Use it to freshen up, start a snowball fight – have fun.

Schnee Zirbitzkogel

Kreiskogel, 2306m

Windy, but the view is just spectacular – what more can you ask for? Here is the perfect spot to take a break, have a quick snack and to take in the surroundings.


Zirbitzkogel, 2396m

True to our motto “one summit just isn’t enough” we make our way over the mountain ridge, around an area called “Ochsenboden”.

From afar you can spot the cross on top of the Zirbithkogel. Gather you last strength and make your way up to it. You will be on top of the summit before you know it – taking in the view of mountains and valleys around.

Take a break….

…at the Zirbitzkogel-Schutzhaus aka Helmut-Erd-Schutzhaus just a mere 20 m below the summit cross you can not only enjoy an impressive view but also amazing food.

My tip: The Bergsteigersuppe with veggies and Frankfurter (veggie soup with sausages – pictured below) – Skiwasser is amazing too!

Zirbitzkogel Ausruhen

Zirbitzkogel Jause

Down into the valley

I am sure you feel much better after enjoying a good meal? Then off you go on your way back down int the valley. Follow the same path back for a bit, but don’t miss the Eisenwurzenweg. The descent is fairly easy – but watch your step. Some rocks are loose on the path!

Zirbitzkogel hinunter

You will reach the Gr0ßen Winterleitensee (lake) towards the end – I dare you to take a quick bath in it 😉

Tips & tricks

  • proper walking boots are a must
  • hiking poles help balance and your knees will thank you on the way down
  • Route – download
  • Weather Zirbitzkogel

Who has hiked in Styria or even the Zirbitzkogel?

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