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Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018


This year my love for road trips and adventures has already led me to Styria, Tyrol, Romania, Poland and twice to Croatia. And my passion for these experiences on four wheels was the reason for yet another trip in 2018! On behalf of Mazda Austria, I flew all the way to the US to visit the Los Angeles Auto Show. Now buckle up, I’ll take you with me and share why I’ve travelled so far:

Los Angeles Auto Show 2018

The LA Auto Show took place for the first time in 1907 (!!!) and is today one of the largest and most important auto shows in the world. Here, manufacturers present their current range of models and their novelties. Of the more than 1000 cars exhibited at the Auto Show, only one really interests me – and that can be seen at Mazda’s stand: the new Mazda3.

Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018

My task at the Auto Show is to take a look at the new Mazda3, take photos, film, and take over Mazda Austria’s Instagram Account. You can still follow the stories of my experience at the Auto Show in the Instagram highlights of Mazda and Chronic Wanderlust.

All New Mazda 3

When I first see the Mazda booth, the handful of red cars immediately catch my eye. The new Mazda3 is standing on a platform in the background – of course in their signature colour Crystal Soul Red. A little further back, I discover a Mazda3 in a multifaceted grey tone. At first glance, they look like twins, but when I get closer, they look more like siblings. They mainly differ in the rear: the sporty version that promises adventure and the sedan version that radiates elegance and a quiet atmosphere.

Both cars are placed on platforms that rotate around their own axis. The beautiful Mazda design philosophy is easy to spot: thanks to the straightforward shapes and soft transitions, the spotlights create a play of light and shadow that is reflected in the sides of the Mazda3. Mazda calls this concept Kodo or Soul of Motion.

As much as I would have liked to free one of the vehicles from the halls of the Auto Show and kidnap it for a legendary road trip through California, this time I have to brace myself to limiting the driving pleasure to my imagination.

But what would a car show be if you couldn’t at least sit in the newly presented car for a moment? Another Mazda3 is available for visitors to try out and feel. And that’s exactly what I was looking forward to after having received some information about the interior and especially the seats.

Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018

Inside the new Mazda3

As soon as I sit in the car, the elegant and, above all, practical interior equipment catches my eye: high-quality materials and the dashboard designed to put the focus on the driver. As soon as I close the door, I exclude the background noises of the Auto Show. The interior is equipped with 9 high-quality Bose loudspeakers, which are in charge of a special musical experience – perfect for upbeat and sing along playlists for long road trips.

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What also strikes me, of course, are the ergonomically shaped seats, which simply feel comfortable and have a certain feel-good factor – whether it’s commuting to the office or at the weekend and holidays on an adventure hunt.

Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018 Mazda3 LA Auto Show 2018

More information about the new Mazda3 can be found on this overview page. From spring 2019 both versions will be available on the market. Perfectly timed for the warm road trip season 2019!

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Many thanks to Mazda Austria for this special trip and all the impressive behind the scenes information!

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