7 Mexican Dishes that you absolutely must try

You've probably already guessed that Mexico is one of my absolute favourite countries. Not only are the dive sites on Cozumel indescribably beautiful, but the food will catapult you to cloud nine. Which Mexican food you should definitely try on your trip, I'll tell you in this blog post.

Attention: not all food in Mexico is spicy. Most of the dishes are not and if you say “no picante por favor” when ordering, then your food is not spicy – or at least not as hot as usual;)


Tacos + cheese = Quesadillas

There are no tacos de queso, because they are always referred to as Quesadillas.

Quesadillas are thin corn or wheat patties filled with cheese and chicken, beef, shrimp or other ingredients. You can also order quesadillas just with cheese. The cheese that is most commonly used in Mexico is called Queso Oaxaca and you can taste the difference if a restaurant uses another cheese to prepare the dish.


Pico de Gallo

Cut very ripe tomatoes and onion into cubes, add fresh coriander, pressed lime juice, salt, pepper and voilá!

Pico de Gallo is super easy to make and tastes fantastic. This tomato dish is great for quesadillas, tacos or just for totopos (commonly known as nacho chips).


Enchiladas are rolled tacos baked in the oven with tomato sauce and cheese.

The tomato sauce makes the tacos soggy and gives the dish a very unique taste.



Cooked meat, shrimp, fish and/or vegetables are served on a hot platter. The dish arrives at your table still sizzling. Just add corn or wheat patties which you fill yourself and you are good to go!


Chilaquiles are very similar to Enchiladas. Totopos (= nacho chips) are served with hot tomato sauce (which can be either red or green), shredded cheese and a light white sauce.


Sopa Azteca or Tortilla Soup

A masterpiece made with different types of peppers, tomatoes, onions and other ingredients. Pieces of Oaxaca cheese, avocados and crunchy corn or wheat patties are added to the finished soup. These stripes are reminiscent of our Fritattensuppe (pancake soup) – it tastes just as good. If not better.

Sopa Azteca oder Tortilla Soup
Sopa Azteca or Tortilla soup


A mixture of diced fish, octopus, shrimp, onions sprinkled with lime juice and garnished with coriander. Some love it, others hate it. I definitely count among the ceviche admirers.


But there are so many other amazing dishes in Mexico – guacamole, fish tacos, tamales, chimichangas, tostadas, pozole … the list is almost endless!

What is your favourite Mexican meal?


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