Mural Harbour Linz – how I became a Graffiti Tagger

Linz Graffiti Walk

Sprayer for a day – Mural Harbour Linz Walk and harbour tour

Many cities boast of being different. But most of them are not. The slogan of Linz is not about Linz is different, but much more fitting: Linz changes.

I could write an essay about why Linz really changes but more on that another time.

Linz always surprises me with its versatility, its charm, its possibilities and also impossibilities. Impossibilities? Well, spraying is forbidden in most cities and never advertised by the city itself. Linz does and I invite you along to our spraying tour today:

A classic girls’ afternoon?!

Linz. Danube. Harbour. Makes sense right? Yet I don’t think I would have thought about visiting the harbour in my hometown, hadn’t I heard about the graffiti, the tours and the spray sessions somewhere.

Being my usual spontaneous self I asked my blogger friend Doris from to come along with me. We didn’t have to wait long to get an appointment. Doris wrote an article about the tour. Can you guess what her verdict was?- Read her article by clicking here.

It’s a date! – a Saturday in the cold (it was December after all) with lots of colour, stories and amazing company. I had no idea how much fun we’d actually have that day and it wasn’t “girly” at all – but defines that anyway! 😉

The colourful harbour of Linz

Together with a small group of curious people, we set off with our guide. Our guide is an experienced and successful sprayer – some of the graffiti in the harbour are from him.

We chug along the Danube on a small boat and listen to the stories the graffiti walls tell us (well obviously the guide does the talking). Reserve your spot on the tour if you want to learn more about spraying and graffiti in Linz. Boat tours are held every Saturday in the summer — you can check the dates here.

Linz Graffiti Walk

Linz Graffiti Walk
Not sure the water tastes nice?
Linz Graffiti Walk
Who is snogging here?
Linz Graffiti Walk
Ketchup in a different way

Viki, 24, Sprayer

Open the cans. Ready. Go! This is how most people picture how illegal spraying works. At night, using flashlights and always ready to take off.

None of the above should happen today though as we are provided with a wall to test our spraying skills.

After a small introduction on how to spray, create effects and a short demonstration by our guide, we are allowed to get going. Like most new things spraying looks so much easier than it actually is and we don’t manage much more than a Steirerhut (if you look very closely), Doris’ Logo and a few easy words. But it is so much fun – Doris and I can’t stop giggling and are very proud of our art – almost like we created our very own contemporary Mona Lisa. Check it out for yourself below:

Linz Graffiti Walk

Linz Graffiti Walk
My “artwork”
Linz Graffiti Walk
Doris looking at the art I created

This is what it looks like when a pro does the spraying – and it only took him a couple of minutes. Respect!

And this is what might happen to everyone who doesn’t listen to the pros 😉

Linz Graffiti Walk
You think they used washable paint?

Conclusion: Mural Walk and harbour tour

Dinge in Linz ;)If you want to get to know your city from a different angle, this is the right place.

Definitely recommended – just like most things in Linz;)

Linz Graffiti Walk

Linz changes me. Linz changes. Linz reinvents itself. <3 Linz

Keep on travelling

ps. Do you know Höhenrausch in Linz?

Many thanks to the city of Linz for the invitation to get know this colourful piece of the city. Of course, I also want to thank Doris for coming along and a very fun afternoon. I can’t wait to go to more activities together once I am back home! 

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