Packing List: Scuba Diving in Mexico

Packing List: Scuba Diving in Mexico

Every year I go diving in one of my favorite countries. For the fourth time I'm flying over to Mexico for Christmas to dive in Yucatán. But what to pack for a diving trip to Mexico? Here's my packing list:

Diving equipment | Packing list Diving Mexico

Sometimes it is super cheap to borrow equipment in Mexico. I did that for years. This year I've finally gotten my own dive gear, which was coming to Mexico with me:

  • BCD
  • regulator
  • dive computer
  • dive compass
  • dive mask
  • Dive boots
  • fins
  • 3 mm wetsuit
  • lycra shirt that doubles as sunscreen
  • biodegradable sunscreen (like stream2sea)
  • underwater flashlight
  • Camera + housing + batteries + charger
  • Bag for (wet) diving equipment to transport
  • Dive insurance – mine is from DAN Europe

Packliste Mexiko Tauchen

Clothes | Packing list Diving Mexico

Temperatures between 28-35°C all year round. But you should also not underestimate the humidity and take airy clothes with you to let the wind cool you down a bit. However, as the Mexicans in their buses and indoors always like to set the air conditioning to Ice Age mode, take with them some warmer things too:

  • 1x long pants (for the flight)
  • 2x shorts
  • 2x summer dresses
  • 1x skirt
  • 2x airy blouses
  • 6x shirts
  • 1x thin sweater for fresh nights or indoors
  • 1x softshell jacket
  • 1x scarf (doubles also as sun protector)
  • 7x underwear
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • Flip Flops
  • Running shoes (for sports or for long trips)
  • comfortable normal shoes

Many times I take some older clothes that I only bring to Mexico and leave them there.

Packliste Mexiko Tauchen

Toiletries | Packing list Diving Mexico

I usually bring small product samples and then buy all things I need once I'm there. That way I save a lot of space on my way there and won't have problems with the weight limit of the airlines.

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • hairbrush
  • Shampoo + Conditioner
  • shower gel
  • First aid kit with helpful items such as Tiger Balm and charcoal tablets
  • hair ties

Packliste Mexiko Tauchen

Miscellaneous | Packing list Diving Mexico

  • daypack
  • 2x towels (1x for saltwater, 1x for freshwater)
  • Kindle
  • hat
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Travel insurance (sometimes you are covered by your credit card)
  • Credit card
  • debit card
  • camera

Packliste Tauchen Mexiko

Download: Packing List Scuba Diving Mexico

I've also put together the packing list as a file for you to download – you won't forget anything now!

Keep on travelling

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  • Vermutlich bleibt das ein Traum, aber wenn ich das irgendwann auch mal machen könnte, dann wüsste ich jetzt Bescheid.
    Traumhaft schöne Fotos.

    Lieben Gruss aus der kalten Schweiz.

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