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Top Reisen 2018

My 7 Travel Highlights of 2018

2018 has been filled with travels and many trips. After exploring 10 countries on 25 trips, here are my favourite travel highlights of 2018!

7 Mexican Dishes that you absolutely must try

Mexico is blessed with amazing, mouth-watering dishes – it’s hard to decide what to order! In this blog post I’m sharing with you the best Mexican dishes that you absolutely must try.

Packing List: Scuba Diving in Mexico

What to pack for your scuba diving trip to Mexico? I’ve got you covered with my packing list for scuba diving in Mexico – plus free pdf download!


Xcaret Park – a Day at the Riviera Maya

How about a day in a small paradise on the Riviera Maya? Are you going to be travelling near Playa del Carmen and Tulum? Would you like to explore the world of the Mayans and learn a bit more about the history of Mexico

isla mujeres diving

Let’s dive the MUSA Underwater Museum Isla Mujeres with Carey Diving

A few years ago I first heard of MUSA – the Museo Subacuatico de Arte. Ever since I wanted to dive there and see it all for myself. This Underwater Museum was built aka sunk back in 2009. It’s not even the only one in the world – there’re others in the Caribbean and other places too, where you can find many sunken treasures. Let’s jump in – MUSA Isla…

Cozumel Diving

Don’t dive in Cozumel

There’s this little island. It belongs to Mexico and some of you might have heard about it. Many cruise ships (eewwww!) stop here. Others may know it because the diving is supposed to be “oh so spectacular”. Here is why you should never, and I mean never ever, dive in Cozumel: The reefs are ugly and there are hardly any fish left in the sea Turtles, colourful corals, two meter…

sim prepaid

Mexico – How to get a prepaid SIM card with data

How to get a prepaid SIM card with data in Mexico When I know I’ll be travelling in a country for more than a week, I prefer getting a local prepaid SIM card. Reason? I want to be reachable and able to look up things whenever I need or want to. In the EU roaming charges will be a thing of the past soon (yeahh!), but roaming data is just ridiculously…

Turtles Akumal

Snorkel with Turtles in Akumal

Snorkelling with Turtles in Akumal There’s this small village in Mexico. It has a lovely small bay where many, many turtles live. The best part: you can snorkel with them! I’ve heard about Akumal a couple of years ago, and I knew that I had to go there myself. It took a while to fulfil this wish – and I kind of wish I had come here earlier. We started…

Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico

Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico It’s the time! I’m excited as if it was Christmas again! It’s that time for adventures again! You might already know that I decided to go back to university in Fall. The Master’s programme that I’m studying brings a lot of travelling with it. The next big thing might just be temporary, but I’m happy to share this with you: I’ll…

Travel tattoo wanderlust compass

The Story of my Travel Tattoo

My Compass Tattoo – a different kind of Souvenir It already happened in January and only few know it. Finally (!) I did it. Everyone who’s carefully read the title already knows 🙂 So: Yes, I did it – I got a tattoo. In Mexico. After bouncing back and forth – initially I wanted to get my tattoo done in Salzburg – I looked for tattoo studios in Playa del…

Cascadas El Chiflon

Mexico is so much more than Cancun – 7 + 1 reasons to travel to Mexico

¡Viva Mexico! And why Cancun isn’t Mexico I challenge you to experience more of Mexico than only touristy spots  Cancun, Tulum or even Playa del Carmen. When you tell me you’ve been to Mexico and haven’t set a foot outside your resort, I shake my head and pity you. I also challenge you to see more than those cruise ship towns like Cozumel. There is so much more to see…

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart

The power of Mexican food: Pico de Gallo They say: 
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And yes! They are so right! Most of you know how much I love Mexico – and I’d go as far to say that I’m obsessed with the food. Quesadillas, Tacos, Enchiladas, Sopa Azteca, … the list goes on! But there is this one thing that makes the difference: Pico…