First try of Peruvian Cuisine – Lima56

Lima56 Vienna

Latin America is right around the corner – Peruvian delicacies at Lima56 in Vienna

Today I want to take you on a different journey – a journey that won't involve any planes: a culinary journey to Peru – without having to fly all the way to Latin America. If you know me you know my love to almost anything from there: the language(s), people, landscapes, beaches, mountains, valleys, long bus rides, pure happiness of the people that live there and surely the cuisine as well in all its bright colors and tastes.

Where could I find a restaurant like that? In Vienna, of course! The restaurant Lima56 offers a unique and cosy atmosphere with delicious Peruvian delicacies. I tried most of them and I'm pleasantly surprised with the rich taste and diversity. I can't wait to travel to Peru this fall and try even more of the local dishes and drinks!

Buen Provecho!


Pisco Sour

… is the national drink of Peru that exists in many variations. The most classical mix is Pisco (some sort of brandy), lime juice, egg white and sugar syrup. Depending on the barkeeper ice cubes and bitter syrup will be added as well. Salud!


… crunchy salted corn

Lima56 Wien
Pisco Sour and Cancha

Main dishes

Ceviche, causa de papa and pulpo

…Ceviche, filled mashed potatoes and octopus

Lima56 Wien

Lima56 Wien

Arroz con marisco

… Rice with seafood

Lima56 Wien

Aji de Gallina

… tastes almost like risotto – despite not containing any rice. Tender chicken in a tasty sauce.

Lima56 Wien

Lomo Saltado

… a very typical dish with beef in soy sauce, potatoes/fries and tomatoes.

Lima56 Wien


… Peruvian version of Kebab

Lima56 Wien

Camarones and Arroz chaufo

… shrimps and rice



Passion fruit Cheesecake

Lima56 Wien



… Pisco, lime juice and ginger ale

Lima56 Wien

Beer Cusqueña

… refreshing



… is located on Favouritenstraße 56 in the 4th district in Vienna. I highly recommend to reserve a table as the restaurant is very popular and fills up easily.

Enjoy your meal and keep on travelling!


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