Review: Dive Mask Case by iQ

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Review: Dive Mask Case by iQ

I don’t own a lot of dive equipment, but I’m in love with my dive mask and I take it anywhere I go. Of course, I don’t want to pack it like it is, but want some protection so that the sealing doesn’t break. That had happened to me and I was even using a plastic box. But the plastic shivered and destroyed the sealing.

Until recently I used the plastic box that came with the mask. It’s just very impersonal and I wanted something more colourful, so I went online and found this blue case by iQ. It was only 11€ and a really great deal.

tauchbrille tascherl iq

What I like about it what not so much

I’m super happy with the colours and the fish embroidery. Also the material is soft and protects the mask pretty well.
But when it gets wet, it will need some time to dry.

Why get a dive mask case

Protection! If something happens to your mask, you can easily get one pretty much anywhere where diving happens. But I want to dive with my own, and I guess some of you prefer that as well.

So that’s the main reason why I use this protective case for my dive mask – keeping it safe.

I keep some more things in that case:

tauchbrille tascherl iq

tauchbrille tascherl iq

It’s just very likely that I forget those things at home or at the hotel, so I keep those all together in the little case together with my mask.

Plastic Box vs. Soft Case

Both are protective and better than nothing, but I prefer the soft case now. The downside is that when it gets wet it needs some time to dry. Whereas the plastic box dries immediately with a towel.

I’ve had it happening that the plastic box shivered and the sealing of my dive mask got pinched and so I couldn’t use it anymore. That’s why I prefer the soft case too.

tauchbrille tascherl iq

Conclusion Dive Mask Case by iQ

I really like how the case is made, the sewing is done nicely as well as the fish embroidery. Some day I’ll have my name embroidered as well.

The only thing I don’t like too much is that the material absorbs water where I feel it should be water repellent.

By the way, the case works great as a gift as well.

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