Rügen – The Perfect Weekend Getaway


Rügen – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Rügen is located in the North of Germany, makes an amazing destination for weekend getaways and is also the biggest island in the whole of Germany.

Surrounded by the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) the island has a size of 926 km² and is home to 77,000 people – this number increases a lot in the summer!

There are those moments when you need to stop and pause. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. After a busy, busy week in Berlin my dear blogger friend Ellen from Patotra and I decided to visit Germany’s biggest island before both of us headed back home.

Strandseebad Binz

Start your morning with a stroll through the lovely little town Binz. Although this place is not about visiting museums and checking off things, it is still worth a visit! I especially loved walking down the bridge towards the sea. It was quite windy, but not enough to blow away my hat.

We enjoyed the view, had a picnic and a cup of coffee before we headed on to our next stop which was only less than 20 minutes away!

Binz (1)-001

Binz (3)-001



Known for its port, the fresh fish and the chalk rocks that drop into the sea. The chalk rocks are part of the Jasmunds National Park and sit there quietly facing the (rough) sea. It is a nice walk from the port to the chalk rocks near the sea where sea gulls pass over your head.

Have lunch at the port where fish as fresh as it can be is served. All sorts of local fish are found here, chose a restaurant with a view into the port and your lunch will taste even better.

Sassnitz (12)-001

Sassnitz (7)-001


Sassnitz (1)-001



Putbus – or home of the Upside Down House

Ellen spotted a little flyer in our hotel and we were soldt! Read more about the Haus Kopf Über – Upside Down House!

haus kopf über rügen upside down house rügen

Upside down house rugen (1)


It seems to me that the entire island is filled with those lovely little towns that invite for a walk and hot beverages. So is Göhren!

My favourite place: the beach! Take a good book and a blanket and enjoy the breeze and the sound of the singing sea.



Somewhere between

Getting lost is often a great way to get to know a place. This time we didn’t really get lost but enjoyed the beautiful view and kept on driving. We found the Strandhus – Beach House, which is a great little restaurant that serves wonderful cakes that you won’t get enough of.




How to get around

My suggestion is to rent a car because you wouldn’t want to be tied to bus schedules on the island. There are local and international car renting companies available.

If you don’t want to worry about driving take the bus – the bus network is extensive and they run often.

Other than those mentioned above you can always bike your way through the island.

Hotel Hanseatic

The hotel is situated in Göhren and overlooks the sea. What could someone possibly ask more for? Well, this hotel offers even more!

The most impressive part of the hotel is the tower. Hotels usually don’t have towers, but this one was rebuilt and the building restriction was that the tower had to be there because it is known as a landmark in Göhren. From up there the view is even more stunning that from the rooms. The 360° view wants you to stay longer. The tower itself has multiple floors, two of them are used as a library and one of them is used for private dinners for couples to get engaged.

The hotel restaurant is remarkably yummy and delicious. They had me the first morning they served cross bacon just as I love it – to be honest I guess I only had loads of bacon and a toast that morning! Also the buffet for dinner is great! The big variety of meat, vegetables, fish and desserts are simply mouth-watering – even now simply thinking of it!

This trip had a relaxing treat for Ellen and me! We got a hot stone message in the spa facilities of the hotel. The warmth really loosened the knots in my back and I felt rejuvenated!

Hotel (3)-001


Many thanks to Hotel Hanseatic for hosting Ellen and me for this lovely weekend and to Spaness and Katja as well for setting us up!

And as always:
Keep on travelling!


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