Skiing in Mexico? In summer? Yes you heard me right!

Skiing Mexico Coahuila

Hello my fellow travel-lovers!

Yes indeed! Mexico! What comes to mind? Beach, tequila, quesadillas, sombreros, moustaches, cocktails, …? I went skiing in Mexico 🙂 How did that happen?

Me in Mexico - Skiing in Mexico Bosques de Monterreal

Well!!! I spent three months doing an internship in Saltillo, Coahuila, in the Northern part of the country.

Mexico is simply amazing: great people everywhere, vivid colours and a breathtaking landscape!

Me in Mexico during siesta - Skiing in Mexico Bosques de Monterreal

Bosques de Monterreal Skiing

So how did this skiing thing happen at all? I was talking to some colleagues from work what to do on my weekends and they told me about bungee jumping and skiing possibilities – also in summer! They instantly convinced me 🙂 I would go skiing this very weekend in early September! (Btw there is no snow in Mexico in that period of time, the temperature is still 25-32° C in Coahuila.)

The name of the place: Bosques de Monterreal!

So I asked a colleague if he wanted to join me and we drove there on a Saturday. We passed cactus fields and small very beautiful traditional villages and then drove up to the mountain! What a great view! (look at all the bright greens and yellowish and reddish colors!!) So then we came to Bosques de Monterreal! There was still no snow, but there was a very nice resort with golf and ski possibilities – but where was the snow?? I mean how are we supposed to go skiing without any snow? –> MATS! they had a single track down a hill covered in white carpets like mats! (Plus a T-bar lift from Austria). We decided to “go skiing” for an hour (renting the skies and the pass were rather expensive). We got some pretty good skies and off we went! What a great feeling being back on skies again! I probably had learned how to ski before I could even walk (my parents were ski instructors back then). The mats were a lot different from real snow – easier when you know how to handle real snow tracks- but either way it was a lot of fun. The last two times skiing down the (rather) small track I put out the mexican flag and drove down with it held in my hands. I earned applause from the people staring at me in wonder – they probably had never seen anybody skiing that well AND loving and supporting their country as much as I did!

I will post more stuff on Mexico soon! (Plus be ready for some great new shots in summer, because “Mexico I’m coming back” 🙂 )

For more pictures click here.

And here is a post that I wrote some time ago about the great feeling that Mexicans can give.

And don’t forget -Keep on travelling!


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