Stockholm Metro – (nearly) every Station an Artwork

stockholm metro art

For most people, public transportation isn’t exciting, maybe even boring. Grey, unexciting, functional and cold. Vienna has some stunning historic metro stations and Prague has a few artsy metro station too. And anyone who looks further north will inevitably draw attention to the metro of Stockholm.

A few stations were redone in the 50s and don’t resemble other stations in other cities at all. Stockholm definitely has its on style. The Guardian named Stockholms metro the longest art gallery in the world. The city of Stockholm didn’t just install a couple of sculptures and hung a few of paintings on the walls. The made the decision to turn more than 90 metro stations into amazing artwork – and best of all it is completely free to the public.

After spending two weeks in Sweden and a couple of days in Stockholm last summer, I am excited to take you on a trip on Stockholm’s metro lines today.

Metro station T-Centralen – all lines (T10/T11/T13/T14/T17/T18/T19)

In the same building as the main station are all the metro lines of the city. Take the escalator down to the blue walls. 

T-Centralen Metrostation StockholmT-Centralen Metrostation StockholmT-Centralen Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Kungsträdgården – blue line T10/T11

This metro station translates as the royal garden and it takes you back to ancient time Rome / Greece.

Kungstradgarden Metrostation StockholmKungstradgarden Metrostation StockholmKungstradgarden Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Tensta – blue line T10

On your arrival, you will be met by a number of ravens and a walrus 😉

Tensta Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Rissne – blue line T10

In this metro station, you can expect a colourful world map and historical events are displayed on the walls.

Rissne Metrostation Stockholm
Colourful world

Rissne Metrostation Stockholm Rissne Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Solna Centrum – blue line T11

This metro station is one of the most critical in Stockholm. Environmental pollution, factories, forestry, chemicals, exploitation …

Solna Centrum Metrostation StockholmSolna Centrum Metrostation StockholmSolna Centrum Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Thorildsplan – green line T17/T18/T19

Super Mario and Pacman – the Nintendo players will love this station. Definitely one of my favourite stations – also because you get back to daylight.

Thorildsplan Metrostation StockholmThorildsplan Metrostation StockholmThorildsplan Metrostation StockholmThorildsplan Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Tekniska Högskolan – red line T14

Epic and somewhat strange – some parts of the station of the Technical University bring distant lunar landscapes to mind.

Tekniska Hogskolan Metrostation Stockholm

Metro station Stadion  – red line T14

Colourful and cheerful – even if it rains or night falls, there is still a rainbow waiting for you.

Stadion Metrostation StockholmStadion Metrostation Stockholm Stadion Metrostation Stockholm

More amazing, artsy metro stations are

(unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to show you):

  • Gärdet
  • Karlaplan
  • Hornstull
  • Bagarmossen
  • Fridhemsplan
  • Radhuset
  • Solna Strand/Vreten

Tipps for your metro adventure

  • Pick up a metro plan and mark the metro stations you want to see. Download one here.
  • Bring a camera
  • Get there late on weekdays if you want pictures without the crowds you only need one ticket for your adventure
  • Make enough time
  • You can also go on a tour, there are English tours in the somewhere – check out the details here.

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