A Summer Weekend in Bad Gastein


Everybody that knows me is aware of how much I love to travel. However the ones that know me the most also know how much I enjoy travelling in Austria. This time I’m going to take you to magical place in the amazing region of Salzburger, namely Bad Gastein!

Wochenende in Bad Gastein-15

This region is mainly known for skiing and many other kinds of winter sport. However there is a lot to see and do here during the summertime as well. I visited this town with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and we enjoyed the highlights of this lovely place together. As we go I will be telling you more about our experience.

The Waterfall Trail

The Waterfall Trail is a wonderful circular hiking or walking tour. Therefore, it really pays off to take your camera with you. The numerous waterfalls are simply stunning. We would have loved to jump into the fresh water as we explored the trail. But unfortunately, it was not possible since there was no safe way to get in and out. Anyhow, there are plenty of ways to cool off in Bad Gastein. For example the Bad Gasteiner swimming lake (Badesee).

Zuerst nach Bad Bruck hinunter
First stop: Bad Bruck

Wasserfallweg Bad Gastein

Das Wasser ist so klar, dass man es sogar trinken kann.
The water is so clear and clean, you can even drink it.

Flying Fox aka Flying Waters over the Waterfall in Bad Gastein

If you look closely you can spot a cable that goes across the waterfall. And that was exactly what we were after. You can combine both the waterfall trail tour and a ride over the waterfall. This is also a very convenient option to walking.

Flying Fox Bad Gastein
Let’s fly!
Flying Fox Bad Gastein
Flying Fox Bad Gastein

The world’s highest suspension bridge

If the weather would have been nicer, we’d have surely walked up the Stubnerkogel ourselves. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and we ended up taking the Stubnerkogel cable car to the top station. From there we walked to the world’s highest suspension bridge. The bridge is quite short and it’s not very far from the ground. However, despite the bad weather we were able to enjoy the incredible view from the bridge. AND the visit is free!

Hängebrücke Bad Gastein

Hängebrücke Bad Gastein

A little extra information: If you fear heights, I wouldn’t recommend you to walk over the bridge. It isn’t that high, but one can see down to the ground through the bridge’s floor.

Once you have reached this point you can also try the Felsenweg or Cliff Trail, which you’ll spot on the left side of the peak – when you finish the suspension bridge continue in this direction. The view is amazing here too!

Felsenweg Stubnerkogel Bad Gastein
Cliff Trail Stubnerkogel Bad Gastein

A short hike – the Salzburger Almenweg

The weather wasn’t really helping us since it was continuously raining. For this reason, we decided to take a short hiking tour and not a longer one. You’ll find all sorts of trails in Bad Gastein: long, short, easy, challenging, …

Thus, we chose to do part of the Salzburger Almenweg. We started at the parking lot of Evianquelle’s hotel. Then continued to the Astenalmen (there are two: the Upper Astenalm and the Lower Astenalm), where we ended up by enjoying one of these delicious so-called Bauernkrapfen (fried dough with jam). YUM!

Wochenende in Bad Gastein
Wochenende in Bad Gastein
The Upper Astenalm even has a Petting Zoo

Later on, we continued the Almenweg. This path is wonderful to walk and take pictures. On both sides of the valley, small waterfalls made their way down. As we went we experienced a mystical atmosphere due to the clouds and fog present that day – just a little like Middle Earth.

Almenweg Bad Gastein
Almenweg Bad Gastein

Almenweg Bad Gastein

Almenweg Bad Gastein

Our accommodation in Bad Gastein

We stayed at Haus Hirt at the Kaiser Wilhelm-Promenade. If you want to stay in this wonderful place you’ll have to book your room well in advance – I’d say several months ahead. It’s fully booked for most of the time and all for the right reasons: The view from the rooms, the excellent breakfast buffet, the spa area and the restaurant make this place a very tempting option. The spectacular view of the valley is indescribable, it is just like a dream.

Wochenende in Bad Gastein
Our Room
Haus Hirt Wellnessbereich
The Spa Area at Haus Hirt

Have you ever been to Bad Gastein in summer? Do you enjoy visiting the mountains in the summer?

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