Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list

Teide - a comprehensive hiker's packing list

Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list

Mountains are impressive, but not everyone enjoys them the same way. I had the amazing chance to hike up the active volcano Teide on Tenerife in March 2015.

The most recommended way of conquering Teide is to hike up to the Refugio de Altavista, stay overnight and get up early and watch the sun rise as you climb to the peak.

  • reservations for the Refugio de Altavista are best made here. Last time I checked prices they were 25€ pp.
  • dorms with bunk beds, kitchen and bathrooms, but no showers are found here at 3270m.
  • you will not need to bring a sleeping bag as there are sheets up here ready for you to fall asleep in.
  • enough food for both days – they don’t sell food at the refuge, so take enough for two days
  • enough water, at least 2 litres for day 1. Simply boil water for the next day to take to the peak
  • ear plugs – because of the dorms, do I need to say more?
  • warm hiking cloths – the peak is 3718m and the wind can be strong.
  • scarf
  • hood
  • gloves
  • good hiking boots – the trail can be tricky, especially on the way down with all the lose rocks
  • walking sticks – they will help you get to the top easier
  • head light – for the early hike to the top
  • sunscreen
  • physically fit
  • check the weather report
  • get a guide to have more fun and get lots of information about Tenerife and Mount Teide

So now you are perfectly suited for a great hike up to Spain’s highest mountain! Tag me on twitter @wanderlust_vik to share your photos and comments!

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