Termas Geometricas – An Oasis of Relaxation


I stumbled across pictures of the Termas Geometricas a while ago and I knew I had to visit them during my trip through Chile. I wanted to spend a day relaxing in beautiful hot waters.


There are plenty of thermal springs throughout Chile all heated by surrounding volcanos. Some are “cold” thermal springs, others are so hot you cannot bathe in them. Some geysers close to San Pedro de Atacama are scorching hot, others seem to be freezing cold.

The Termas Geometricas – an oasis of relaxation

This wonderful, hidden place in Chile is pure paradise. A bright red wooden path follows a small stream which winds itself through the valley. The woods have a secret garden kind of feeling: lush green trees, steam rising from the thermal springs. It really feels like a magical place.

Termas Geometricas Pucon Chile

Following the path, you will find various water basins on both sides. You will also see small, red huts to get changed in. It is a haven of tranquillity and only the licking of the water is to be heard.


The water basins differ in size. Some you can swim in, some you can only sit in. There are red signs at every basin stating the temperature of each bathing spot. A few are closed off because the water temperature is too high.

Termas Geometricas Pucon Chile

Termas Geometricas Pucon Chile

How to get to the Termas Geometricas

Assuming you have a rental car, drive from Pucón to Coñaripe. Continue on to the national park Villarrica – you reach your destination after approximately 16 kilometers.

Because rental cars tend to be rather expensive and can really screw up your budget, I opted for a tour. I paid 30.000 pesos – around € 40,–

Times vary, but you will definitely have enough time to soak in hot water and have a snack at the Termas Geometricas.

I was picked up in a minibus around midday and returned to Pucón in the evening.

You don’t have to bring your own towel, you will be given a large, soft town when you get there.

Ýou can find more info here:

Have you been there? Are you still dreaming about bathing in relaxing, hot thermal waters?

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