Tips for the perfect Road Trip

Tips for roadtrips

Tips for the perfect Road Trip

The best travel experiences have always been on road trips. Be it the road trip through New Zealand, through California, Jasper National Park, or simply in your home country. A road trip is an incredibly freeing way of travelling, but it can also go awry. Things will go wrong, but not everything has to, this is why I’ve written down some tips for the perfect road trip:

Road Trip Tip # 1 – Good Music

Get a music app and search for playlists with uplifting songs that encourage you to sing along. But also soundtracks of eg. Lord of the Rings can perfectly accompany journeys through endless landscapes. If you have Amazon Prime, then download the Amazon music app – so you can download playlists, individual songs or albums for free.

Alternatively, you can also download from YouTube on various pages just the soundtrack/music and then play it in the car.

Road Trip Tip # 2 – Travel Buddy

Sometimes it is just great to enjoy a road trip on your own. However, road trips with friends can also be a lot of fun. But choose your right travel partner wisely. Otherwise, it may happen that the road trip turns into a big fight. Read this – it will not only apply to travelling with your partner but any travel buddy really.

Road Trip Tip # 3 – Full coverage insurance

If you get a rental car, I always get full coverage insurance without deductibles. ALWAYS.

You never know in what condition the rental car is and even if you are the most careful driver in the world, most of the time you are not to blame if something happens. Invest the few euros – for your conscience.

Roadtrip Tipps

Road Trip Tip # 4 – Offline Maps

Download two different apps for navigating offline. It often happens that an app does not know the address and you will not get to your destination that easily. You can also download parts of the maps in the Google Maps app. I’ve relied on the free app for most road trips – you’ll also find plenty of places that can not even be found on Google.

Road Trip Tip # 5 – Charging Cable

Navigation can kill your phone battery. Many cars now have a USB port where you can easily charge your phone through. Older models do not have a USB port, but a cigarette lighter. The USB plugs with USB cost almost nothing and will always save you.

Road Trip Tip # 6 – Think about the Route roughly

Think about where you want to go – at least roughly. What do you want to see on your road trip? Highlight those on Google Maps or – so you will not forget them.

Road Trip Tip # 7 – Snacks

Cover yourself with enough snacks for the road trip. Be it cereal bars, chocolate, cocktail tomatoes, fruit or other snacks.

Do not forget to have enough water with you. On road trips, I always like to buy a 15-25 litre container and from there fill up my water bottle.

Roadtrip Tipps

Road Trip Tip # 8 – Camera at hand

On road trips, there will always be moments when the sunlight just tickles the landscape perfectly and you just want to stop. So stop, get the camera out and take the picture! If the roads do not allow you to stop, ask your travel partner to take some pictures.

Road Trip Tip # 9 – Gas

Not once, but several times I have wished for the next gas station to just be around the corner. Especially if you have to return your rental car with an empty tank, this can often be a challenge. But even if you add small detours and do not know when the next gas station comes: refuel when you have the opportunity.

Roadtrip Tipps

Road Trip Tip # 10 – Comfortable Clothes

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while being stuck in the car for several hours and have plenty kilometres ahead of you. Pack some comfortable clothes, preferably those that you can easily put on and off while driving.

Road Trip Tip # 11 – be spontaneous

From time to time, opportunities will arise – shortcuts or detours – take them as they come and make the best of them. Enjoy the endless freedom you have on a road trip!

What are your personal tips for a successful road trip? If you are still looking for other helpful websites, apps and gadgets, read on.

Keep on travelling

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