So many Travel Plans for 2019!

Reisepläne 2019

2018 is only just over, a year filled with countless fantastic journeys on which I look back with great pleasure. And in the last weeks and months, I have stumbled across many destinations that I really want to visit and get to know in 2019. So, here are my travel plans for 2019:

Travel Plans 2019: Hungary

At the beginning of the year a relaxing trip to the westernmost part of Hungary is already planned. We are going to Sopron and Sarvar and I am already looking forward to get to know this part of the country. So far I haven’t been to other places in Hungary except for Budapest, which is really a shame, because we are neighbours!

Relaxed into the New Year: cozy days in Hungary

Travel Plans 2019: South Africa

I already made the decision to fly to South Africa back in August. Even though I usually don’t plan and finalize my trips so long in advance, I had to decide at short notice to take the place of someone else on a small dive and snorkel expedition. In Port Elizabeth we will search for sardines, whales and dolphins with other Austrian water lovers on a zodiac boat. For two weeks we will be in the water almost daily and dive, snorkel, photograph and enjoy the sea in its fullest. I am sure that these experiences will be among my highlights in 2019.

Since South Africa is not just around the corner, I plan to spend the whole of February there and discover the Garden Route as well as Cape Town.

Travel Plans 2019: Berlin

Berlin in March is simply a must for travel bloggers and anyone working in tourism. Why? One of the largest tourism fairs in the world takes place here during that month. Not only am I looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and finding out about cooperations for the coming year, but also to the yummy pizza dinner with Synke and Hubert. The weekend is already reserved for my friend Anne, with whom I was already travelling in Austria, Romania and Poland this year.

Travel Plans 2019: Thuringia

Last March I fell in love with this German state at the ITB – just by looking at the pictures and videos at their booth at the travel fair. How could I not be aware that there are so many beautiful little towns filled with charm and narrow alleys that make it impossible to put the camera away? Actually I wanted to go to Thuringia in 2018, but it wasn’t supposed to be and so it’s on my schedule for 2019!

Travel Plans 2019: Balkans Road Trip

Another bigger trip, which has been on my mind for quite some time, I want to finally tackle in 2019. The goal is to explore the Balkans and other Eastern European countries by car. From Slovenia to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, (maybe a short stop in Romania), Hungary and then back to Austria. I expect a good 4000km on this route and would like to travel 3-4 weeks before the hot summer starts.

Travel Plans 2019: Finland

Since Anne and I wanted to go to Finland last November, but the flights were outrageously expensive. Therefore we decided to take a road trip through Poland, so Finland has to wait until 2019. We both would love to see the northern lights dancing in the sky, let’s see if we succeed!

Travel Plans 2019: Naples

Pizzzzzzaaaaa! To be honest: I finally want to eat a real Napolitan pizza and just indulge in it for days. I also want to climb Vesuvius and visit Pompeii. And then eat more pizza!

Travel Plans 2019: Wales

Wales is also a destination I actually wanted to visit in 2018, but it just didn’t work out. After I’ve been to Wales before and fallen in love with the landscape completely, I really want to see the majestic basking sharks in the North of the country in summer. Maybe even diving and snorkelling with the seals, there is so much to discover!

Travel Plans 2019: Honeymoon: Destination unknown!

We’re getting married in late summer, and will then go on our honeymoon afterwards. We’ve been thinking about different places and trying to find a very special one to spend this trip. Also, diving is a must of course!


What a list! I am sure that 2019 will bring many adventurous and beautiful journeys for me – which journeys will and would you like to undertake in the new year? Leave me a comment below, I’m curious!

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My Travel Plans for 2019 Travel plans for 2019

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