Travelling without Liquids – What’s in my toiletry kit

travelling without liquids travel lush

Travelling without Liquids – What’s in my toiletry kit

Just imagine this scenario. You check into your hotel late at night, all that’s on your mind is a refreshing shower to get the “travel” off of you. You open your bag and discover your liquids burst and have leaked everywhere. All your clothes are soaked and you’ve got nothing else to put on except the sweaty clothes you are already wearing?

Worry no longer! I have got the ultimate solution for you! I have written an article my love for solid shampoo already but in this article I will go into more details about the other options out there to travel liquid-free!

I adore Lush and the mission they are persue. All natural, no chemical preservatives and no tests on animals, plus many of their products are vegan. This post will mostly cover Lush products, because I truly believe in them and think they are perfect for travellers out there!

lush for travelling

Toothy tabs

Forget old fashioned, regular toothpaste! These little pill like things will clean your teeth even better! They might be weird at first, I was sceptical as well, but after a view tries I totally fell in love with the toothy tabs. I have tested all their different flavours and my favourite ones so far are the milder ones as Atomic, Chou Chou and Dirty.

toothy tabs how use

How to use toothy tabs?

Very simple and yet super effective!

  • Take one toothy tab and put it in your mouth.
  • Bite and grind the toothy tab with your teeth
  • Wet your toothbrush
  • Brush your teeth as usual
  • Voilá!

Solid Shampoo

All those silicon components in most other shampoos (such as Head & Shoulders) just block the pores on your scalp so the skin can’t breathe. It took me a while to get away from them.

I completely switched to solid shampoos last summer and happily use them now. They might seem a little bit pricey at first but let me tell you that they are just as normal-priced as your normal shampoo that you buy each month. I am using my third solid shampoo bar now. That means less than 3 solid shampoo bars in a year!! (I do have pretty short hair, but you can do the math even with long(er) hair.) Before I used one bottle of shampoo and conditioner every two months. I never used very expensive shampoo or conditioner, but I definitely spent more than I do now!

My recommendation: Jumping Juniper and Seanik

How to use solid shampoo bars?

  • Wet your hair
  • Take the shampoo bar
  • rub it 1-3 times (according to your hair length) into your hair
  • you’ll notice the foam right away
  • put the shampoo bar away and massage the shampoo into your hair
  • rinse as usual and ready for drying

shampoo lush solid travelling

Deodorant for travelling

There are quite some different options and solid deodorants have been around for some time. You can get solid deodorants at your local drugstore. But there are only a few options without aluminum components. Here are three options:

Solid deodorant – Aromaco: This is my favourite one by far. Looks like a shampoo bar and is easy to apply. Can get a bit messy if you are not used to it. My tip: keep it in a plastic bag, hold onto the deodorant piece, open the bag and turn it over your hand and then put it under your arms.

Powder deodorant – The Greeench: I adore the delicious smell of the Greeench deo. This powder deodorant comes in a plastic container. You simply take out some powder and powder your armpits with your fingers. This works also great as a foot or shoe deodorant in the summer.

Deodorant bar – T’eo: This is great too, but falls apart and gets really messy. So I can’t really recommend this one for travelling. (The smell is still great.)

Solid Face Wash

As deodorant and regular shampoo bars solid options for face washes have been around for some time. There are also a lot of options out there. Currently I’m really fond of the Aqua Marina and Movis face wash. The smell is something to get used to, but my face gets clean!

solid face wash lush

Solid Body Lotion

Body lotion was always the item I left back home because I feared it would spill and mess up my entire backpack. But then I found out about solid alternatives and I’m completely enjoying my beautiful skin while travelling too!

There are also different options available – Right now I prefere the second option:

  • During the shower – King of Skin: apply it after you used your regular shower gel/bar and rinse
  • after shower – Each Peach: shower, get dry, take a body lotion bar and massage it into your skin.

Reusable Containers

No more waste! I’m completely on nature’s side when it comes down to useless packaging and too much plastic wrapping! Most products by Lush are sold without packaging. The idea is to get some metal tins at the shop itself or buy other reusable boxes from different stores. I love the metal tins a lot, they fit all my solid beauty products. But on the downside they also take a lot of space in my backpack – I would love to see some smaller metal tins as well.

travelling without liquids lush

Those have been my personal tips for keeping your luggage dry and clean throughout your trip. What are your tricks? Let me know via Twitter @wanderlust_vik

Keep on travelling,

Note: This article was written because of a cooperation with Lush. My opinion and all comments above are my very own. As stated above I’ve used Lush products for over a year and I am still loving them.

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