A Love Letter to Tbilisi

Love Letter to Tbilisi

Dear თბილისი,⁣

Thinking of you has made my day. Many vivid memories brighten up my mood and as if the thoughts of you were brushes freshly dipped in the most brilliant colours painting a new scene.⁣

It’s been 164 days since I had to wake up way too early to get to the airport to leave again. Those moments of exploration, curiosity and revelation: Tbilisi, you came as a surprise. As a much-needed one. ⁣

Love Letter to Tbilisi

I close my eyes, and the alleys and streets of Old Tbilisi come alive: My stroll through Rike Park, where I wish to enjoy a picnic in. The walk across the Bridge of Peace with its futuristic look. The ride up on the Aerial Tramway with some of the most spectacular views. Even the getting lost in the narrow alleys where my GPS has left me. The incredible bath and spa culture that won my heart and so much more.⁣

Dear Tbilisi, thank you for those moments and memories, I am counting the days until I can see you again,⁣
Take care,⁣


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Love letter to Tbilisi Tbilisi Love Letter


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