How much are 4 days on San Andrés including Diving?

San Andres Sound Bay

How much are 4 days on San Andrés including Diving?

I love lists and breaking down costs – so that's why I wrote down everything I spent during my 4-day-trip to San Andrés in Colombia. I've also gathered a lot of recommendations for you here as well.

Itinerary for 4 days on San Andrés

Day 0: arriving in San Andrés late night, after a flight from Bogotá (approx. 2 hours flight time)

Day 1: Diving

Day 2: Diving

Day 3: Diving

Day 4: discovering the island with a scooter, visiting Ecofiwi and enjoying the ocean. I had a late night flight back to Botogá

San Andres Tauchen

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Travel Style

  • Accommodation: dorm at Karibbik Haus Hostel
  • Food:
    • Breakfast: bought fruits, yoghurt and croissants at a local supermarket
    • Lunch/Dinner: once a day eating out, then preparing the other meal at the hostel
  • Activities:
    • Diving with Blue Life Dive
    • driving around the island with a scooter
  • Transportation:
    • walking
    • rented a scooter for a day

Karibbik Hostel San Andres

Cost Report

Day 0Arrival22.15€
Hostel63800 COP21€
Water3500 COP1.15€
Tag 1Diving109.56€
Diving185000 COP60€
Breakfast10000 COP3.30€
Lunch45000 COP14.76€
Supermarket (Food for next days)32000 COP10.50€
Hostel63800 COP21€
Day 2Diving101.65€
Diving185000 COP60€
Lunch (main dish and dessert)52000 COP17.05€
Hostel63800 COP21€
Supermarket11000 COP3.60€
Day 3Diving90.50€
Diving185000 COP60€
Lunch22000 COP7.20€
Supermarket7000 COP2.30€
Hostel63800 COP21€
Day 4Moped Tour50.20€
Moped Rental70000 COP23€
Snack33000 COP10.80€
Lunch50000 COP16.40€
General Costs186.50€
Flights including checked luggage462680 COP151.50€
Tourism Card104692 COP35€
Vivian Quarry | Diving in Llanberis in Northern Wales

* COP = Colombian Pesos

That's 102,27€ per day without flights, including the flights it was 140,10€ per day.

Conclusion and Tips

Those I've gathered here for you.

Keep on travelling

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