Impressions of Ethiopia – My Trip in 25 Photos


Impressions of Ethiopia – My Trip in 25 Photos

Before my trip to Ethiopia, I really had no idea what to expect. I only knew that there are these rock churches in Lalibela, the country is mostly Christian and Amharic has its own typeface. With every second of my two-week journey through Ethiopia, I was able to add a small piece of a puzzle to my overall picture and get to know the country and its people better.

If you can’t imagine Ethiopia as a travel destination, here I have collected my favourite photos with the most “open mouth and amazement” or heart-pounding moments:

Tisissat waterfalls

Even if the dry season prevails, the waterfalls of the Blue Nile are worth the trip from Bahir Dar. Especially because it is much quieter here and you can rest in the still dry river bed and listen to the rushing water.

Blue Nile

Who can claim to have seen a hippo in the Nile? But besides the hippos, you can also see other animals in and around the water.

A man paddles in a canoe made of papyrus along the Blue Nile.

Bahir Dar

Also known as Bahar Dar. It is the largest city on Lake Tana and adorns itself with the title Riviera of Ethiopia. The lake is so big that you can’t see the opposite shore. And a flair like in the Mediterranean really comes up. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the local cuisine and the view in one of the restaurants directly on the lake.

Bahir Dar bus station


The former capital of Ethiopia attracts visitors with its castles and palaces from times long past. And when I quickly slipped into my Dirndl, I immediately made friends with two Ethiopian women in their national costume.

Traditional dresses

Simien Mountain national park

Due to lack of time, only a day trip in the national park was possible on my trip, but I would immediately sign up for a multi-day hike here in the mountains of Ethiopia.  And of course, to take hundreds of pictures of the gentle monkeys.

To visit the national park you have to hire a guide and an armed scout. All too often, they waved their rifles through the air far too recklessly, forcing me, again and again, to duck out of their way.

Danakil Depression

A trip to hell and back – that would probably be the most appropriate description of this lowland in the north-east of the country on the border to Eritrea. The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on our planet and although I had to sweat at only 45°C, temperatures above 50°C are not uncommon (and much higher have already been measured).

The active vulcano Erta Ale

The real reason why I wanted to go to Danakil was the colourful place Dalol. Here the earth’s kitchen bubbles and bubbles and constantly create new islets and permanently changes the strong colours.

The rest is all salt desert.

My unbelievably helpful and amazing guide Benjamin

And although the circumstances in the Danakil Depression could not be more hostile to all life, salt is mined here with the help of the strong hands of the Ethiopians and camels and donkeys.

Visiting Danakil without a police escort and armed guides is absolutely impossible.

Addis Ababa

Frantic, loud, traffic chaos – these words come to mind when I think back to the time I spent in Addis Ababa. Intoto, with a distant view of the capital, was very different though. Hardly any cars and for once no fog and the city spread out in front of me.


It is impossible to describe the weekly market in Lalibela with words. People, goods, animals, stands, houses, and huts.

And although I had imagined the cruciform rock church Georg larger, this building, which was created more than 750 years ago, still fascinated me.

Have you ever been to Ethiopia? Which moments or pictures are most memorable to you? Have you seen my packing list for EthiopiaDo more of what makes you happy

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