How much are 12 days in Kenya and Tanzania incl. Safaris?

Safari Tansania

12 Days in Kenya and Tanzania – How much is it?

Kenya and Tanzania were part of my journey around the world. And today I want to give you a short insight of what I’ve seen in those two countries as well as how much every single detail was.

Safari Tansania

The Itinerary for 12 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya and transfer to Arusha, Tanzania

Day 2: Budget Camping Safari Ngorongoro Crater National Park

Day 3: Budget Camping Safari Serengeti National Park and visiting a Masai Village

Day 4: Budget Camping Safari Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater National Park

Day 5: Transfer back to Nairobi, Kenya

Day 6: Visiting the Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre

Day 7: Visiting Kiambethu Tea Farm

Day 8: Rafting and Zip-lining

Day 9: Transport to Amboseli National Park

Day 10: Safari Amboseli National Park

Day 11: Safari Amboseli National Park and transportation to Nairobi

Day 12: Nairobi Museum, Safari Walk in Nairobi National Park and transfer to airport

Travel style

  • The first safari (Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania) was a budget camping safari with other young travellers. We stayed in tents and mattresses on campsites in the national parks. I selected and booked this safari with Absolute Africa before I arrived in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • The second safari (Amboseli National Park in Kenya) was also a camping safari but we slept in real beds and permanent tents with bathrooms. I booked this one directly in Nairobi.
  • My hotel in Nairobi was pretty shabby, but I had my own room. The breakfast was included, but the WiFi never worked.
  • I chose to discover the sites in Nairobi with a driver, because it was my first time in Kenya and I didn’t know how to use the public transport system and many places weren’t reachable by them.
  • Food: I either got food from a grocery store or I ate at the restaurant in the hotel (there were no restaurants in the neighborhood). The food during the safaris was included.
  • I travelled solo and joined groups for the safaris.

Cost report for 12 days in Kenya and Tanzania

Currency Euros

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Safari Tansania Elefanten

Conclusion & tips

  • My cost reports includes all expenses in my 12 day trip to Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Food is quite cheap, but safaris are not. Not at all – even if you opt for the cheaper camping safaris. Entrance fees to national parks are quite high, which is most of the safari price.
  • Book your safari from home. My experience was that the safaris that I looked at in Kenya and Tanzania were much more expensive than those online.
  • Check vaccination regulations – if you want to travel to Tanzania you must carry your international vaccination card that proves your yellow fever vaccination. I didn’t include the cost of it because I already got the shot a few years ago.
  • Travel insurance!!! I beg you to get one that covers you internationally.
  • Don’t rely too much on the hotel’s wi-fi. I was pretty devastated and finally bought a local sim card.

How were your experiences in Kenya and Tanzania? Any good safari tips for me?

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