Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania

Packing list budget camping safari

Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania

When you are travelling to Africa and find yourself going on a budget safari like Absolute Africa this list will help you pack the right things for your adventure:

Documents and cash

  • cash for visa upon arrival OR get the visa beforehand at your local embassy
  • cash in local currency
  • spare cash in USD or in Euros
  • valid passport for at least another 6 months
  • yellow fever vaccination card
  • travel insurance

Drugs and others


  • rather warm sleeping bag for warmer nights – check if you are required to bring one yourself or if they are provided
  • additional blanket for colder nights
  • small pillow
  • head torch and spare batteries
  • travel quick-dry towel
  • bottled water
  • some snacks and cookies
  • deodorant for those days you don’t want to step into an ice-cold shower
  • toilet paper or tissues (many toilets don’t provide toilet paper)
  • camera to capture those wild lions and other cool animals
  • spare batteries and memory cards (there won’t be a lot of power sockets, so make sure everything is fully charged!)
  • battery pack for phone or other devices to charge via USB


  • scarf
  • hat (and gloves)
  • warm cloths – check weather forecast as well minimum and maximum temperatures during that time of the year

So here goes the list of important things to pack and bring for your budget camping safari. I had to learn the hard way that I should’ve checked the weather forecast and temperatures in the national parks before actually coming all the way to Tanzania. Luckily one of the lovely staff from Absolute Africa had borrowed me his at the base camp in Arusha because he didn’t need it for the next couple of days. Otherwise I would have turned into an ice doll in Africa. I would have never thought that Tanzania would be capable of those temperatures (the Kilimanjaro excluded of course).

Have the most amazing time on your safari!

Ngorongoro Crater Lion

Keep on travelling,

Note: This trip was part of my Traum.Welt.Reise – “Around the World in 72 Days” project with Marco Polo and Marco Polo TV this summer.

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