Scuba Diving in Carinthia – Oh, what a Joy!

Scuba Diving in Carinthia

Carinthia should be greatly known for its more than 1200 lakes as a paradise for divers. Well, it should be, but it’s still quite unknown. In May and again in September I decided to get to know some of the lakes in Carinthia. And what I found, surprised me! It doesn’t always have to be the ocean, because scuba diving in Carinthia is just as amazing. Let me show you my favourite spots:

Scuba Diving in Lake Ossiach (Ossiacher See)

Maximum depth: 52m | Parking and access: Gerlitzenbad

Comfortable is what probably best describes Lake Ossiacher. From the Gerlitzenbad there are two great dive spots available:

  • Left side: dive until you find the house on wooden posts in the water. Fish are usually found beneath in the shadows.
  • Right side: you’ll find some old Christmas Trees in this area providing shelter to the local fish and great photo ops for divers.

Scuba Diving in Carinthia Ossiacher See

Scuba Diving in Lake Afritz (Afritzer See)

Maximum depth: 22m | Parking and access: NoShorehore

The Afritzer See is just perfect for night dives. The native eels are a bit shy, but with a little bit of luck, you can discover some during your dive. Especially in the shallower parts of the lake – about 5m – you have the best chance to encounter the eels. I wrote more about diving in the Afritzer See a few months ago.

Tauchen Afritzer See Kärnten5

Scuba Diving in Lake Weissensee

Maximum depth: 97m | Parking and access: East side of the Lake (Mösel) at lido Stockenboi

Most divers probably know Lake Weissensee from ice diving in winter. But even in the warmer months, it is worth a visit to almost 1000 meters of altitude.

At the dive site directly in front of the lido there are some street signs, figures and also a boat and a carriage from times long past under the water surface. However, I did not discover many fish here.

Other dive sites are easiest to reach by boat. Just register at the dive shop Diving Weissensee and take the electric boat to different places. Tip: dive a small wall!

Tauchen in Kärnten Weissensee
Scuba diving at Weissensee is best enjoyed in a dry suit.

Scuba Diving in Lake Millstatt (Millstätter See)

Maximum depth: 142m | parking and access: e.g. between Dellach and Pesenthein or at Lechnerschaft parking

After giving Lake Millstatt a second chance in September, I’ve had to revise my first impression. What an incredible paradise the lake is! I have only seen so many fish in the Grüblsee Alpine Aquarium – but that would be like comparing a pastry shop with a supermarket.

My conclusion about Lake Millstatt: go diving! I would even go so far as to say that it is my favourite lake in Austria!

Scuba Diving in Carinthia Millstätter See
Enjoyable dives in Lake Millstätter See in my 7mm Camaro Alpha Pro suit and ice vest.
Two catfish and a quite impressed diver

Scuba Diving in Lake Wörthersee

Maximum depth: 85m | Parking and access: parking lot between Reifnitz and Sekirn

Admittedly, I had expected more from Lake Wörthersee. The visibility was poor as it had rained a lot in the days and weeks before and many pollen and small particles were washed into the lake.

Nevertheless, it was quite interesting and worth the dive as the lake becomes completely dark in a few meters depth and no ray of daylight comes through.

Loving my bunny thermals

Tauchen in Kärnten Wörthersee

Information and helpful links about Scuba Diving in Carinthia

Best time for scuba diving in Carinthia: Especially beautiful and good visibility can be expected in Spring and Fall. Depending on the weather conditions and heavy rainfall, the lakes can still be quite cloudy.

Suit: depending on the season, the lake and the depth of your planned dives I’d recommend to dive in a dry suit (especially in Weißensee). If the water temperatures are higher, a 7mm suit is sufficient. How you never get cold again when diving? Read on!

Rent diving equipment: get in touch with Stefan from the dive shop Pazifik Kärnten.

Courses and guided dives: by appointment also with Stefan.

Information page about diving in Carinthia: a lot of general information about scuba diving and an overview of Carinthia’s lakes can be found here (only in German).

Have you been scuba diving in Carinthia? Which lakes do you recommend?

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