Trekking with Llamas and Alpacas in Liechtenstein

Alpaca Lama Liechtenstein

Thinking back to my trip to Chile my memory card filled up with photos of wild alpacas, llamas and vicuñas. So this afternoon in the Principality of Liechtenstein was no exception. The program mentioned a hike with alpacas and llamas on the Triesenberg. Let me take you on a magical winter walk with a culinary highlight!

When I found out that on our winter journey around Lake Constance a stop at a llama and alpaca breeder in Liechtenstein was also planned, I couldn’t stop smiling for a while. And why should I? These furry four-legged friends from South America conquered my heart a long time ago.

Llama and Alpaca Trekking in Liechtenstein

During our trip from Konstanz to Liechtenstein we pass beautiful landscapes and even cross several national borders (without really noticing it). After we got a stamp for the passport at the tourist office, we leave the capital city (that feels more like a nice little town) Vaduz and drive a little outside to a farm.

There we are warmly welcomed by Marc and a herd of more or less curious animals:

One after another, everyone in the group is assigned a llama or an alpaca and the walk through the winter landscape begins. My partner for this afternoon is the enchanting Elvis, who always makes me laugh. In the course of the afternoon, we change the animals among each other, but no other alpaca or llama is as lovely as Elvis. I am already trying to convince the owner that Elvis would be in good hands in Austria – but Elvis feels more comfortable in the forests of Liechtenstein than in our little common garden in Linz. (I tried.)

Alpaka Lama Wanderung Liechtenstein2

Cheese Fondue in the Woods

After a good while of wandering around, we come to a little clearing where the animals can rest for a bit while we enjoy a small meal. On an open fire, cheese fondue is being prepared for us – and I have to admit that I have never tried fondue with cheese before, but only the version with chocolate. And while the llamas are chilling next to each other in the snow, we diligently dip bread into the molten cheese! Mhhhh! The hot food tastes especially good and we warm our cold fingers close to the fire.

On the way back I try to take a selfie with my new friend, but Elvis and I mutually photobomb each other and this ingenious picture is the result – a memory, which will remain for a long time.

I am still completely in love with the intense looks of Elvis through his seemingly endless long eyelashes. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Liechtenstein!

Further information

  • You can find out more about the Lama and Alpakahof Triesenberg in Liechtenstein and all their activities here. A reservation for trekking is obligatory.
  • My dear blogger friend Ellen has also reported about our trip, you can read her blog post here (German only).

Have you ever been hiking with llamas or alpacas? Or have you perhaps seen them in the wilderness in their home back in South America? I am – as always – curious, tell me in the comments!

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Trekking Llamas Alpacas Liechtenstein Winter

Many thanks to the Lake Constance Tourist Board for organizing this wonderful winter trip! I enjoyed it to the fullest!

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