Lake Constance in Winter: Top Activities for the cold Season

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There is really no time of the year not to explore Lake Constance. Every day is different and every month has its advantages and characteristics. What you can experience around Lake Constance in the winter months and which activities I liked most, I’ll share with you now:

#1 Winter Lama Hike with Fondue | Liechtenstein

The Lama and Alpaca hike in the Principality of Liechtenstein was definitely the highlight of this trip for me! On a snowy afternoon, we left Konstanz for Vaduz to catch a glimpse of the Christmas market and of course to get a stamp for our passport at the tourist information. Then we drove a little outside to Triesenberg, where we were warmly welcomed by Marc and his alpacas and llamas. During a wonderful walk through the forest, I was allowed to lead my own alpaca on a leash – or rather the dear alpaca led me! During a break, we had a freshly prepared fondue in a clearing in the forest while the animals rested. Read more about this experience here.

#2 High up Säntis and Laternliweg | Switzerland

Admittedly, the journey from Constance to the foot of mountain Säntis is not a stone’s throw, but the journey through the snow-covered landscapes pays off. The gondola ride is far from boring and even if the snow falls in big flakes from the sky, it is still magical to get out at the top and go to the terraces. Minus degrees in the two-digit range are not uncommon in winter, but with a hot chocolate in the mountain restaurant, warming up is easy. Back at the bottom, we walked along the 2km long Laternliweg on the Schwägalp and enjoyed the peace and quiet and the wintry atmosphere very much. In winter, the trail is illuminated with lanterns on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Winter tip: try the raclette dinner in the Restaurant Schwägalp! Reserve in advance.

#3 Thermal Waters | Germany

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, or simply to recharge your batteries, head to the thermal springs. Relax at Bodensee Therme in Konstanz or at Meersburg Therme, which is located on the opposite shore. 

#4 Walk through Constance | Germany

The alleys of the old town, the promenade on Lake Constance and the cosy and delicious restaurants are just a few reasons why I felt at home in Constance right away. Whenever cities lie on the waterfront, they are always surrounded by a very special aura, as is the case in Constance. Winter tip: In the pre-Christmas season you should spend the afternoons and evenings at the radiant Christmas market with mulled wine and gingerbread. The island of Mainau is also suitable for an extensive walk through the snow during the cold season. The Advent boat trips on Lake Constance are also said to be wonderful.

Photographer: Achim Mende | Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH

Lake Constance Holiday Pass Winter

The Lake Constance Holiday Pass Winter is simply a must for your visit. It gives you free admission to 60 activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The card costs 39€ for adults and can be used on three independent days in the period from 15 October to 13 April and it pays off very quickly. A trip on the Säntis costs CHF 45, which is almost exactly the price of the card for three days. Want even more inspiration? Here you will find numerous activities that you can do in winter at Lake Constance.

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Many thanks to Lake Constance Tourism Board for inviting me and a few other bloggers to explore the region in winter. It was a great pleasure to explore the four countries with you!

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