Weekendtrip Lithuania – 48 hours in Vilnius

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Lithuania: Weekendtrip to Vilnius

Some of you may have heard of Lithuania before – but who can find it on a map at the first try? Europe – yes, but where exactly? Let me show you the southernmost Baltic state: Lithuania. And to be precise: their capital Vilnius!

Why Lithuania?

I read just recently that there is nothing worse than being recommended by the Lonely Planet guide books. A rather hidden secret, a true locals spot turns into a stagging point for tourists.

Lithuania is amongst the “Top 10 Countries – Best in Travel 2015” according to the well-known (maybe too well-known) guide books. And of course LP is right, so hurry up before the masses arrive and the magic disappears! Get enchanted – and rave about Lithuania and Vilnius after your trip!

Vilnius Lithuania

Why Vilnius?

My first impression of Vilnius was “Whoops, I know that” – a closer second look told me that I kind of know it, it just looked very familiar to me. The architecture is very similar to the regions in Northern Italy, Austria, Slovenia and/or the Czech Republic, and if you have travelled those you will know!

The roof tops are terracotta colour, the houses are painted in warm colours, lush green trees are everywhere to be seen, the people are super friendly and happy to help, the coffee is delish – what else can one ask for?

Vilnius Lithuania

My Highlights in Vilnius

  • Gediminas Tower: the view of the rooftops of the capital will bewitch you
  • Parks: there are many parks, but the one near Gediminas Tower is definitely my favourite one
  • Užupis: a republic within a republic – art and culture are found here
  • Behind the scenes: look around and visit the old university buildings, many are decorated with stucco – it seems like they tell their own stories
  • Squares: observe the locals and sip a cup of coffee or tea
  • History close up: KGB Museum and former prison
  • Street Art Scene

Dine like Kings & Queens

  • Burgers at Boom Burgers
  • Vegafe – vegan & vegetarian and simply delicious
  • Mano Guru – a resocializing project, great cuisine with excellent salads, soups and more!
  • Food Market near Uzupis every Thursday
  • Alaus Biblioteca: Beer bar with a distinct flair, will you find the secret room?
  • Kulinarijos Studija: cooking classes for the hungry and curious
    • Saltibarscai: cold, pink soup; you either like it or you don’t, not really my taste
    • Cepelinai: ground potatoes stuffed with meat or cheese, delicious!

Cepelinai cook

More reasons to visit Vilnius

  • cheap destination
  • airport is close to the city centre
  • excellent cuisine
  • everything in walking distance
  • also safe at night
  • pretty unknown – let’s see how long it will remain a rather secret destination
  • perfect for weekend trips – no matter if solo, with friends or your partner
  • introduced the Euro in 2015 – no annoying exchange of currencies
  • comfy and comfortable
  • happy, friendly people

For your orientation

Have you been to Lithuania? How was your experience? How did you like Vilnius?

Keep on travelling,


Note: I was invited to explore Lithuania by the Lithuanian tourism office. All views and opinions however, are mine alone.

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