7 Things I Can’t Travel Without

things I don't travel without

7 Things I Can’t Travel Without

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There are countless packing lists out there, and I have already shared some packing tips with you here on the blog. But what are the things I no longer travel without and which items must always be packed on every journey? It’s not really an extremely long list, but those 7 things have simplified my travels in recent years and made me travel more relaxed:

#1 Ostrich Pillow Light

For several years I have been using this small, extraordinarily soft travel cushion. The Ostrich Pillow Light is comfortable, space-saving and at the same a blackout sleeping mask. The Ostrich Pillow Light is put on like a headband and pulled down to cover the eyes. And because the cushion wraps around your head, you can comfortably rest your head on the window of an airplane wall. No more annoying shifting and readjusting of the cushion on the plane!

Dinge ohne die ich nicht reise ostrich pillow

#2 Tiger Balm

A miracle cure in a compact format! I love Tiger Balm on my travels, but also at home. For small aches and pains like a sprained finger, a cough or a headache, I always use the orange-red paste.

If you are planning to travel to Asia soon, buy some Tiger Balm over there. A few years ago I paid about 0,30€ for a glass in India – in Austria Tiger Balm costs almost 20 times as much.

Dinge ohne die ich nicht reise tiger balm

#3 Dr. Bronner hygiene spray

I always liked to take these antibacterial gels with me when I was travelling, but I was never really satisfied with them. And many of them stink and make hands sticky. On one of my last trips, I noticed a very appealing scent on the plane. A blogger had used the Dr. Bronner Bio-Lavender hand hygiene spray and the combination of antibacterial spray and organic ingredients like lavender convinced me. Since then, the purple bottle has been in my hand luggage.

#4 DivaCup

Girls out there! 4.5 years ago I ordered my DivaCup and even though we had some difficulties in the beginning, our relationship couldn’t have developed better. The DivaCup is practically the bee’s knees, small and super comfortable to wear (so comfortable that I keep forgetting I’m wearing it).

#5 Travel Insurance

This point should be self-explanatory.

For those who need persuasion here: a few years ago I had to undergo emergency surgery in Mexico City because of an inflamed appendix. The operation including hospital stay cost more than 11.000€. In addition, I had to cancel my trip. My travel insurance, which is included with my credit card, also covered the return flight in Business Class including wheelchair support at the airports in the amount of 4.500€. Of course, they also covered the cost of my operation.

Krankenhaus reiseversicherung

#6 Airpods

If I am being completely honest with you, I think airpods look pretty stupid. But the little things are very practical and finally (!!!!) my headphones don’t get tangled anymore. For a long time, I’d been thinking about buying noise-canceling headphones, but since I often wear glasses, I was afraid that they’d get too uncomfortable in combination with glasses.

Dinge ohne die ich nicht reise airpods

#7 Travel Journal

Whether it’s for planning a trip, keeping track of your thoughts, keeping an eye on your travel budget or simply for doodling – I won’t get on a plane without a travel diary anymore. Mostly I use normal A5 notebooks and sometimes also personalized books with travel tasks and inspirational quotes. I wrote an article about why I always carry a travel diary about a year ago.

What are your must-haves you take with you on your travels?

And what can be left home and won’t be missing? A lot! That’s why I created an anti-packing list a few months ago.

Do more of what makes you happy

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