A Love Letter to our Travel Buddies

Dear travel buddy,

Just a few weeks ago, we were talking about our next trip. We were so close to booking our flights. Somehow we didn’t as if we knew what would happen. And right now we would have been planning the details of a road trip around Ireland. I was looking forward to this so very, very much. Not just getting to know a new country but also spending so much time talking, laughing, exploring and eating. I miss our adventures.⁣

What is it with travelling that turns complete strangers into companions for our adventures? Some stick around for a single day, a single trip and some get together every year to explore the world together. Cheers to those who stay in contact for more than a single exploration – that’s the true recipe for a life long friendship.

Love Letter Travel Buddies

Travel buddies can make a great trip truly memorable. Our shared laughs and stories over hours on the road, the chance to order more than just one item on the menu and then swap plates halfway, different backgrounds and interests that inspire the other to try new things and open their mind about worlds that the other didn’t even know existed.⁣

Dear travel buddies of the world, you rock and I can’t wait to meet you and see some of you again somewhere,⁣
Take care,⁣⁣


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