A Love Letter to Faraway Places

Love Letter Far away Armenia

Dear somewhere far away,⁣

I’ve missed you. Today more than in a long time. I am trying to cheat you with books and movies – guess what? It didn’t work, and it put me in an even worse place.⁣

I love the way you come up with the most curious uncertainties. Like having to get a replacement tire or fixing the headlights of a rental car somewhere, I can’t either speak or even read a word. I may not love those moments when they happen, but I am all up for challenges and finding ways to make it work. ⁣

I love the way you help me grow by pushing me repeatedly and make me uncomfortable. I don’t live for easy, give me tasks, throw things at me and teach me through them.⁣

I love having to communicate with everything but a common language. It’s tough, yet there are so many genuine laughs involved that it’s easily forgotten. The kindness of strangers and meeting people unexpectedly are the ingredients for a great story and even a friendship.⁣

Dear far away, I can’t wait to get lost again and to be finding myself again,⁣
Take care,⁣


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