Why Europe is the Right Choice For All Kinds of Trips


Europe Is Perfect for Any Kind of Trip


Europe is for adventurers, road-trippers, landscape-gazers, city-hoppers, beach-relaxers…well yes, Europe is the perfect destination because it’s diverse and you’ll never get bored here. Let me show you the most intriguing things you can do around Europe.

Europe for Adventurers

Have you ever thought about exploring a cave that’s usually closed to the public? In Austria, there are a couple of great caves that can be explored with local guides. They’ll equip you with wetsuits, boots, a helmet, and a headlight. Then you’ll explore the cave, wade through waist-high cool water, and climb up and down narrow paths. It’s definitely something that you’ll remember for a long time.

Of course, there are many other things that you can experience around Europe if you’re an adventure junkie: bungee jumping, white water rafting, trying the flying fox that exceeds 130 km/h, and driving a quad in the mud.

Europe for Road Trippers

How about a memorable road trip around the Spanish peninsula? Spain and Portugal are perfect for explorers and fans of road adventures. Some places are quite remote, so you can only reach them by car. Both countries can also be travelled by train and bus, and it’s easy to get around.

Europe for Landscape Gazers

Get a car and discover Scotland! The landscape there is unique, and it looks like a dream come true: green meadows, sheep living a peaceful life, majestic mountains with their peaks covered in snow and ice, roads that seem like nobody is using them, and of course, the romantic sunrises and sunsets all over the country. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the Northern Lights in the Northern part of Scotland in places like the Isle of Skye.

Europe for City Hoppers

Have breakfast in Lisbon, dinner in Barcelona, wake up in Paris, go to a musical in London’s West End, have some scotch in Edinburgh, enjoy a Guinness the next day in Dublin, hop on a plane and go to Prague for a beer spa, enjoy Viennese coffee, and head to Budapest to enjoy the view over both parts of the city and river Danube. All that is possible in Europe in less than a week with some serious planning.

Travel Tips for Europe

Finding your way: Most countries in Europe are easy to traverse, and it’s even easier to get around and visit your places of interest. If you’re unsure of how to get somewhere, GoEuro is a useful website which can help you research transport options. Simply enter your starting point and where you’d like to go. The website then searches all means of transport that are available: trains, planes, and buses. Their European Destinations section is also a useful resource to help find what cities are right for your travels

Accommodation: Hostels, hotels, Airbnbs, couch surfing, you name it and you’ll find it! Depending on the location, you can find rather cheap places to crash for a couple of nights, and walk-ins are often welcome. AND you can save money while doing so, as the hostel or hotel won’t have to pay the sometimes ridiculous fees that many hotel search engines charge.

Food: Spain is great for tapas, coffee in Vienna is legendary, chocolate is best enjoyed in Belgium, and rotten fish is a treasure in the Nordic countries. Wherever you go, try to find out what the local specialities are and go for it.

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